Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sew-In Tomorrow (12/9)

Hello gang!

There is a Sew-In tomorrow at Maker Works from 12pm - 4pm.  Finish up some holiday projects in great company!

Also - please remember to email your interest in any board or committee chair positions via an email to Debbie or Brenda by the 20th!  More information HERE. 

Take care,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meeting Minutes from 11/28/2012

Hello Everyone!

We had a very nice meeting this week talking about many super exciting and important fancy things!

Dorit's awesome "Drunk Temperance" quilt
Next Meeting's date is TBA - As scheduled it would be December 26th at 6:30pm at Maker Works.  Since that date might be a challenge for those going out of town for Christmas, Brenda is going to ask Maker Works if they have dates available the week preceding that. 

For the next meeting, please bring your Round Robin blocks if you feel like participating.  You can join in at anytime!  Bring an orphan block you might having around the house and it'll be folded into our ongoing, rotating "bee."

In these minutes I refer to emailing Brenda and Debbie.  Here are their emails:
  • Debbie: ehq <AT>
  • Brenda: justabitfrayed <AT>

Quilt Retreat: We are planning another quilt retreat at the Hankerd Inn for the weekend of January 4th. $135 for Friday - Sunday afternoon.  The cost includes a big brunch and a dinner.  Lots of rooms available and a nice space where you can quilt yourself stupid.  If you'd like to come on Thursday night, there is an additional $35 fee and an additional $12ish for dinner that night. A $50 check deposit should be sent to:
Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort
10350 Hankerd Road
Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272

QuiltCon: The deadline is … ahem… TOMORROW (11/30/2012)  at midnight CST time for submitting your quilts.   If you would still like to attend QuiltCon, feel free to contact Brenda since she may have space in her reserved hotel rooms for you!

Pink Castle Fabrics is getting close to securing a real brick-and-mortar space within the MakerWorks industrial village.  The guild is excited about having this possible location for future meetings, sew-ins, and classes.

The Quilt Sale happened in November!  Although sales for quilts were a bit lower than desired, a nice time was had by all.  There was a lot of discussion regarding what worked, what could've been improved upon, and what we might like to do in the future.  No definitive plans were made. 

Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Quilt Challenge: the mothership has announced that there will be a new Guild-wide challenge that will center around the fabric line Madrona Road.  More details will be posted by the MQG on December 1st.  We are listed to participate. 

Elections! Budgets! Becoming a Non-Profit! Dues!  
At the January meeting we will be electing board members and committee chairs.

Board Member positions:
President, Vice President/Programs, Vice President/Membership, Secretary/Webmaster, Treasurer

Committee Chair positions:
Retreats, Sales, Swaps/Round Robin, Inter-Guild Challenges, Field Trips

If you would like more information please email Debbie or Brenda. 

If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions, please email Debbie or Brenda.  Your name will be put on the ballot for the January meeting.  Deadline for declaring your interest is December 20th. 

Special note: If you are interested in becoming the Treasurer, you will be responsible for proposing a budget at the February meeting with a recommendation for our membership dues.  At the February meeting we will then vote on our membership dues.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meeting tomorrow night!

Hello All, 

The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild has a meeting tomorrow night (11/28/2012) at 6:30pm at Maker Works.  If you are participating in the Round Robin, bring your blocks back to pass.  

If you were one of the 10 sellers (Jenna, Debbie, Lynn, Rossie, Brenda, Ashley, Jackie, Dorie, Ronit, Ginia) to participate in the sale we had earlier this month, please bring $19.55 to cover the costs.  More details about this payment were in the email I just sent to current members : )

Take care and see you soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting Minutes from October 24, 2012

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 28th, 6:30pm at MakerWorks.
  • What to Bring: 
    • Your Round Robin projects to enter into another round. If you did not bring a block to the September meeting, you are still welcome to bring one for future meetings. 
Next Sew-In: Sunday, November 11th 12 - 4pm at MakerWorks.

We continue to grow! It's wonderful seeing so many new, lovely faces at our meetings.  Welcome, Pamela! and Stacey!

Old Business:
  • QuiltCon: Deadline is November 30th for entering quilts. 
  • Show/Sale: Jenna had bookmark announcements printed and passed them to the group to distribute.  Rossie made posters and those interested snagged some to post about town.
  • January Quilt Retreat: Hankerd Inn - shooting for the MLK weekend of the 18th.  18 people welcome in the barn, but space for more in the other buildings.  $135 for the weekend (with food).  
New Business: 
  • "Under the Microscope" Fiber Arts show.  Our guild was invited to attend, and Brenda and Rossie went to the premier.  
  • Under the Microscope from October 19 through December 14, 2012 at the North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Road, Building 18.  Our facility is focused on research in the Living Sciences, Engineering and Green Initiatives, among other things.  Under the Microscope consists of 16 quilts that were created after images supplied by U-M’s Bio-Artography Department and the traveling exhibition was organized through the Society for the Arts in Healthcare in Washington, DC.  The exhibition will be open and available free to the public during weekday business hours, 10am – 6pm.  These quilts are owned by the U-M Health System and will go on display in the hospitals in 2013.
  • FiberExpo:  October 27 and 28.  
  • Jenna talked about her experience attending a Gee's Bend lecture.
  • Pink Castle Fabrics getting a real, brick and mortar location!  We're all on the edge of our seats to figure out where Brenda is setting up shop

Round Robin: Participants showed their blocks. The blocks were passed to the left.  Bring them back to the next meeting to be entered into another round.  If you want, you can always bring a new block to start participating in the round.

Show and Tell - we saw many beautiful works-in-progress and completed quilts - including this beauty by Brenda!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gee's Bend Presentation in Dexter - 10/18

Hey gang!

I am planning on attending this presentation in Dexter this Thursday at 7pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the door ($10) or bought in advance ($7) at the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.

A new exhibit that brings to light the bold and dynamic quilts created by a group of women who live in the isolated community of Gee's Bend, Ala., is coming to the Dexter Senior Center on Oct. 18.
Michigan resident Jan Dolland will showcase the quilts and talk about the community of Gee's Bend, an all-black community founded by poor free slaves after the Civil War.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October events...

Hello all!

Our sew-in will be on Sunday, October 14th from 12 - 4pm at MakerWorks.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 24th at 6:30pm at MakerWorks.  NOT THE 31st - THAT'S HALLOWEEN!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meeting Minutes from September 26, 2012

Next Meeting: October 24th - NOT HALLOWEEN!-  6:30pm at MakerWorks.
  • What to Bring: 
    • Your Round Robin projects to enter into another round. If you did not bring a block to the September meeting, you are still welcome to bring one for future meetings. 
Next Sew-In: Sunday, October 14th 12 - 4pm at MakerWorks.

Old Business:
  • Quilt Con: Brenda has an extra room at the hotel.  Contact justabitfrayed AT to reserve your spot. 
  • Show/Sale: If you are interested in participating in the show, but have not been receiving emails about the event, please email jennaral AT 
    •  Ginia has sent out announcements about the sale to a variety of news organizations and quilt groups. 
  • January Quilt Retreat: Hankerd Inn - shooting for the MLK weekend of the 18th.  18 people welcome in the barn, but space for more in the other buildings.  $135 for the weekend (with food).  
New Business: 
  • American Sewing Expo  People from the guild are going on all sorts of days.

Round Robin: Participants showed their blocks and gave a brief description of their style restrictions and preferences.  The blocks were passed to the left.  Bring them back to the next meeting to be entered into another round.

Show and Tell - we saw many beautiful works-in-progress and completed quilts, including this stunner by Kathy:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long Arm Quilter Info and Sleeve Link

At the August meeting, several people were asking about a long arm quilter.  This is the person I (Ginia) was recommending:

Crystal Smythe
Long Arm Lyrics

Here is a web page with very good instructions for applying a hanging sleeve to your quilt:

Monday, September 10, 2012

A few early September things...

A few things...

**UPDATE - The first time I published this post, I had the wrong date for the MakerWorks Sale meeting.  It's on November 7th.
  1. If you are interested in selling items at our November Sale, and have not already notified Jenna, please do by sending an email to jennaral AT
    1. For those of you who are interested - we are planning at least one meeting at MakerWorks on November 7th at 6:30pm to price our items and discuss displays.   We are also currently trying to organize a meeting at the Corner Brewery within the next couple of weeks.  
    2. Speaking of the Corner Brewery - Rossie made a youtube tour of the room that can be seen HERE
  2. Also - it's that time of year again.  Please fill out this survey from the Modern Quilt Guild mothership.  It takes 5 or 10 minutes.  
Thanks, all! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Appliqué classes!

Hi everyone,
I missed our last meeting since we were on vacation.  We had a lovely, relaxing time.

Now, I'm all re-energized and excited for the Appliqué classes I'll be teaching at MakerWorks this Fall.  These are the same classes I'll be teaching at QuiltCon in February, so if you aren't able to go to QuiltCon, I'm bringing my little piece of it here.

Hand Appliqué is in September, Bias Appliqué is in October and Machine Appliqué is in November.  We've moved them around to different days of the week for maximum schedule flexibility!

If you'd like more details, check out this earlier post on my blog.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ehq at sbcglobal dot net.

I hope to see some of you there - it is going to be a lot of fun!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meeting Minutes from August 29, 2012

It was so wonderful to see many new smiling faces at our meeting last night.  Please make sure we can include you on all emails by sending your address to Brenda - justabitfrayed AT

Next Meeting: September 26 at 6:30pm at MakerWorks.
  • What to Bring: We're going to start some Round Robin Quilts.  Bring a block that you have stuffed in your stash - or make a new one.   If you'd like, you can include fabric to go with your block to be used in the quilt (perhaps you want the same neutral to be used throughout), and maybe you could include some general guidance of what you wish to see. However, these quilts are going to be made in good faith - allowing great creative independence to those who add to the blocks. 
    • What I'm thinking is that I'll bring a bunch of manila envelopes - each block brought will go in an envelope along with any details or additional fabrics.  The person who brought the block will have their name on the envelope, and we'll pass the envelopes around throughout those in the group who wish to participate.  Each meeting we'll pass the blocks/envelopes around to someone new.  
Next Sew-In: Sunday, September 9th 12 - 4pm at MakerWorks.

Antique Quilts Presentation by Ginia: Ginia shows us some wonderful antique quilts from the late 1800s.   They were beautiful and we were all happy to hear Ginia's tips for storing our quilts and her encouragement to label all our creations with names and dates to add to their value.  Thank you, Ginia, for a great presentation!   Ginia blogged about these quilts here. 

1/2" HSTs!!!!  Totally bonkers and awesome.

Old Business:
  • Sewing Retreat:  We have a WONDERFUL time at the early August sewing retreat.   So much so that we are planning another one for JANUARY!  Brenda is contacting the Hankerd Inn for possible dates.   Also, Brenda will be one of the hosts for QUILT CAMP in December.  Those in attendance will test out the Hankerd Inn's new menu, so we can decide if we'd like to do another pot-luck for our A2MQG retreat, or if the new grub will meet our needs.
  • Quilt Con: more information has been posted regarding this exciting event.  If you would like to come, you can email Brenda or Debbie to see if they have space for you in the reserved hotel rooms.   
  • a2mqg Sale/Show:  If you are interested in participating in the sale/show on November 15, look out for a forth-coming email where you will RSVP and be put on the list of interested sellers.   Then we will schedule a meeting where we will tag our items and discuss setting prices.   More information HERE. 
New Business:
  • Discussed starting some Round Robins and came to the process described above. 

  • Swap: Four participants swapped sewn items inspired by Lucienne Day.

    Work of Lucienne Day - Photo from HERE.

    Vikki's creation - a work organizer containing a notepad and office items

     Jenna's creation - a notebook cover and fabric-filled pen

    Monday, August 27, 2012

    What we've been up to...

    Hello Guild Members and Friends!

    Quick heads up that there is a meeting THIS Wednesday at 6:30pm at MakerWorks.  If you feel like participating in the swap - bring a handmade item inspired by Lucienne Day.  More information HERE.

    Sorry for the silence here on the blog.  Let me take a second to showcase some of our latest events.

    First of all, we had a very successful screen-printing night at Anna's house, making wonderful shirts of our awesome A2MQG logo.   Hopefully we can do this again in the future so everyone who couldn't make it can join the fun!
    Photo by Anna

    Then we had to say a sad goodbye to our dear Natalie, who is moving to Massachusetts.  Many members of our guild helped make this lovely quilt as a present to Natalie.  We're going to miss you, Natalie!  But of course we'll all stay in touch and follow your blog.  
    Photo by Brenda

    And at the beginning of the month we had a WONDERFUL weekend quilting at the Hankerd Inn.  What a fabulous retreat - and a big thanks to everyone who brought wonderful meals and who cleaned and set-the table.  The food was delicious and the company was LOVELY.   Let's please keep doing these retreats in the future! 

    Photo by Brenda
    Photo by Rossie - Lynn sewing at the retreat.

    Take care, everyone!

    Monday, July 30, 2012

    Screen Printing Prep, part 2

    Hi, this is Rossie again with further instructions for screen printing!

    Screen Printing will take place at Anna's place in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, August 1st.  The address and parking directions went out by email.  If you are missing them email us at

    Did you gather up some t-shirts? Canvas bags? Quilting fabric?  If so, fabulous.  If not, get on it! Wednesday is quickly approaching!

    Further steps you should take before arriving on Wednesday:
    1.  Wash whatever you plan on printing.
    2.  Dry it in a clothes dryer if that's what you plan on doing once it is printed.
    3.  Figure out where on it you would like to print.  This third step is pretty straightforward for bags, but slightly trickier for t-shirts.  You might want to put on a few shirts that you own and see where they are printed (right below the collar? 2 inches below? 3 below? what looks best to you?)

    4.  Mark your item so that you know where to print. (You can wait to do this if you want)
    A couple of tricks: put on the shirt and use masking tape to mark a horizontal line:
    You want to make sure that your markings are level so that when you print the t-shirt it won't turn out lopsided.  You can verify that you've marked a level line by checking the sides...the tape should be the same amount down from the armpit seam on both sides.

    You should think about the location of the kelp strip so that it doesn't end up somewhere unfortunate on your bust.  Figure out where you want that kelp strip and then mark a line on your shirt 2 inches above where you'd like the kelp strip.
    You should also mark the middle on the shirt (up/down).

    An alternative to using masking tape is using a water-soluble marker. Just put in a few dots as guides for placing the screen.  

     Folding the shirt using the seams and then marking the fold works well.
    I will help you with this on Wednesday if this is confusing as written here. :-)

    5.  Mount your fabric.  Finally, for each item you plan on printing, take a piece of cardboard and some pushpins and mount the item onto the cardboard.  This provides a nice surface to print on and prevents ink from seeping to the back of the t-shirt. Do not stretch the fabric, just lay it smooth and flat and pin it down.  

    Brenda will bring extra cardboard and I will bring extra push pins on Wednesday.
    See you there (address and other details are in your email!)

    A2MQG Quilt Show / Sale

    Hey ya'll!  So as we discussed in our latest meeting, I went ahead and reserved the Lounge of the Corner Brewery for Thursday, November 15 from 5pm - 9pm.  

    Please email me (jennaral AT if you plan on selling goods at this event.  Once we get a head count, we'll figure out dividing the rental fee (I paid $100) and any poster/flyer printing costs (once we come up with a design - I just whipped up the above JPEG in a couple of minutes). 

    Looking forward to this sale!

    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Meeting Minutes from July 25, 2012

    Another wonderful meeting!  Here are the minutes...

    Next Meeting: August 29 at 6:30pm at MakerWorks.  Bring a sewn item inspired by Lucienne Day if you'd like to participate in the swap.   Ginia will do a casual lecture discussing what makes a quilt valuable and hold its value, as well as showing us some antique quilts.
    Photo from HERE.

    No Sew-In in August due to the Retreat.

    Hey it's Ronit's birthday on Friday and she brought Ice Cream Cake!

    Old Business:
    • Sewing Retreat: Attendees can now sign-up for dishes to bring or cleaning sessions.  More information HERE.
    • Screen Printing - Rossie has obtained the silk screens, the ink, and the brushes.  There will be an event on Wednesday, August 1 at 6:30pm where Rossie will teach us how to screen print t-shirts, fabric, or bags (or whatever).  Location is TBD.  Please bring whatever you'd like screen-printed, and $3-$5 to cover expenses.  More information HERE.  

    New Business:
    • Thia (sp?) from MakerWorks is looking for teachers for classes.  Have an idea of a class you could teach?  Contact MakerWorks and you'll be emailed more information. 

    Show and Tell was nice!

    The swap of Piet Mondrian fabrics occurred, as well as more bargain bin shopping for fat-eighths, to much rejoicing.

    Sewing Retreat Meal Sign-Up

    For those of you attending the sewing retreat, here is the link where you can sign-up for food or cleaning shifts:

    The food items listed are just suggestions.  Feel free to substitute with similar items, but let's work to have a balanced menu that will cover all our needs.  

    You are responsible for the costs of the food items you choose to bring (we're not divvying up the costs or doing refunds). 

    Please make sure your name is on the spreadsheet at least three times, whether that means three food dishes, three cleaning sessions, or some of each. 

    We have 10 people attending and 1 maybe.  4 of our attendees are vegetarians.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Meeting Tonight

    Hello gang!

    There is a meeting tonight at 6:30pm at MakerWorks.

    If you want to participate in the fabric swap, please bring three fat quarters (wrapped up and unlabeled) of fabric inspired by artist Piet Mondrian. 

    If you made blocks for the Quilt Con Block Challenge, please bring them.

    At the meeting tonight, we'll be talking about our upcoming screen-printing party.  More deets on that HERE.

    Hope to see you there!

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Screen Printing Prep

    Hi!  This is Rossie posting an update on our screen printing project, including what materials you'll need if you want to join in on the screen-printing fun.

    We'll be picking a day and time and location for printing at the next meeting.  If you definitely want to screen print, but won't be at the meeting on the 25th, please leave a comment below with that information as well as any relevant scheduling difficulties you may have.

    I have the screens and the inks and I did some test prints and they came out great!

    These are made with Thermofax screens from Lynn of FibraArtysta (FibraArtysta).

    If you want to get ahead of the game, you can watch Lynn's videos about printing with these screens:

    But in the meantime, all you really need to do is pick out or purchase whatever you'd like to print on.  I'm giving you advance notice in case you'd like to order something online.

    I, for example, love t-shirts from Next Level Apparel, so I purchased a few on ebay from inprint.
    $7!  Here's my test one:

    FYI: I think the sizing on these is pretty accurate.  I usually wear a 10 or 12 and this is the Ladies Juniors Fit Cotton Scoop Neck Tee in Large.

    Whatever you want to print on: quilting fabric, t-shirts, canvas bags, get it and prewash it.
    The inks I bought are meant to print on "anything" but online reviews suggest that they do best on plastic and fabric.  I printed the logo onto a nylon bag, however, and it definitely came out smeary, which didn't happen with the prints I did on good ol' cotton:

    The logo is 9" wide and 3.3" tall with small trees.  Or 9" wide and 5" tall with the larger trees.

    I purchased (for all to use) the colors we used in our logo + black in Jacquard Screen Printing Inks.

    I also have a small bottle of white.
    These are water-based and can be mixed.
    If you've got your heart set on another color, you should purchase that ink.

    You can get any of the following inks/paints:
    Jacquard Screen Printing Ink (from Dharma:
    Yudu Water-Based Screen-Printing Ink (they have these at the Jo-Ann's on Carpenter)
    Jacquard Textile Color (from Dick Blick:
    Simply Screen Paint (from FibraArtysta's Etsy shop:

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Deposits Due

    Hello!  Everyone attending the guild retreat, please mail in your deposit checks today.  $50 made out to Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort
    10350 Hankerd Road
    Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272
    And put Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Retreat in the Memo.

    Send me an email letting me know you sent it! jennaral AT
    Thanks everyone!

    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    Sewing Retreat - Current Reservation List

    Hello all!

    I am so excited about our quilting retreat.  If you are planning on attending, please read this post.  I need information from you!

    Here is our current guest list:  everyone on the list is insured a space on the retreat - those of you who were on the waiting list are officially in!  Hooray!

    1. Jenna B.
    2. Rossie H.
    3. Jennifer B.
    4. Natalie S.
    5. Brenda R.
    6. Ashley D.
    7. Ronit S.
    8. Debbie G.
    9. Ann D.
    10. Lynn H.
    11. Marti W.
    12. Nancy M.
    13. Jenn S

    There are still spaces available.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Jenna (jennaral AT by JULY 10.    

    What do you need to do?  
    1. Pay your deposit.  There is a $50 deposit due, per person, by July 17.

    Everyone who is attending will owe $110.  

    • If you would like to come on Thursday, August 9th - it's an additional $35 (making it $145 total)
    • If you would like to have a private bedroom with a Queen bed (as opposed to sharing a room with a fellow attendee of the retreat ) - it's an additional $35. 
    I would be happy to collect deposit checks or cash at the sew-in on Sunday, July 8th.   You can make them out to :  Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort

    Or you can mail the payment yourself:
    10350 Hankerd Road
    Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272
    If you choose to mail your payment, could you shoot me an email letting me know you paid?   jennaral AT
    Also - please put ANN ARBOR QUILTING RETREAT in the Memo, so Janet knows what you are sending the deposit for : ) 
    Here are the people who have already paid their deposit:
    1. Jenna B.
    2. Marti W.
    3. Jennifer B.
    4. Ashley D.
    5. Rossie H.
    6. Ann D.
    2. Tell me if you plan on coming on Thursday - shoot me an email at jennaral AT

    3. Tell me if you are a vegetarian or have dietary restrictions- shoot me an email at jennaral AT

    WE WILL HAVE A FOOD SIGN-UP LIST AVAILABLE SOON.    Keep checking this blog for more information!

    Thanks everyone!

    Saturday, June 30, 2012

    Meeting Minutes from 6/27/12

    Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 25 at 6:30pm at Maker Works.  Bring three fat quarters of fabric inspired by Piet Mondrian, wrapped and ready for a Yankee swap if you want to participate.

    Our Sew-in is on Sunday, June 8th from 12 - 4pm at Maker Works.

    Old Business:

    The Sewing Retreat:
    • There are still spots available.  A2MQG should RSVP to Jenna by July 1st (TOMORROW).   If you are not a guild member and are interested in attending, there is also room on our waitlist.  
    • Debbie is going to get in touch with some members of the Cincinnati guild who had voiced interest.  
    • Deposits of $50 are due by July 17th.   They can be given to Jenna or mailed to the Hankerd Inn.  More information here. 
    The Modern Quilt Guild is looking for ideas regarding ways for the "Mothership" to help the guilds.  One idea was to aid in creating by-laws that might lead to consistency across the guilds.   Another was to provide information on how to make guilds become Non-Profit Organizations.
    • Our guild discussed a desire to form some sort of by-laws by 2013.  Jen B is a lawyer and said she would help us draft the laws when we came to that point. 
    T-Shirts:  Rossie is looking into obtaining screens for our screen-printing activity.  We discussed holding the print-a-thon at a member's home (Ann's?) on a date TBD.   Members will be asked to supply their own items to be printed (t-shirts, bags, etc...) and to share in the cost of the screens and ink.

    New Business:

    Michigan's Birmingham Quilt Guild has asked for a member to come speak to their group about the Modern Quilting movement and to do a trunk show in Spring 2014.  Since Debbie is already scheduled to perform a similar lecture for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilting Guild in January of 2014, and because she is knowledgeable and awesome, she was nominated to be our ambassador.

    At the July meeting, various guild members will do book reviews about the many quilting publications they obtained at Quilt Market.

    At the August meeting, Ginia (who is becoming an official quilt-appraiser) will host a lecture about what aspects of a quilt can increase it's value.

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    Sewing Retreat Payment Information

    Hey gang!   This is Jenna. 

    Sorry for the delay in gathering this information, but I have talked with Janet from the Hankered Inn and here's the scoop on the payments due.

    Everyone who is attending will owe $110.   There is a $50 deposit due, per person, by July 17.
    • If you would like to come on Thursday, August 9th - it's an additional $35 (making it $145 total)
    • If you would like to have a private bedroom with a Queen bed (as opposed to sharing a room with a fellow Guild member) - it's an additional $35.  
    For those of us arriving on Friday, check-in time will be at 1pm.   Check-out on Sunday is flexible.

    I would be happy to collect deposit checks or cash at the meeting on Wednesday.    You can make them out to :  Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort

    Or you can mail the payment yourself:
    10350 Hankerd Road
    Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272
    If you choose to mail your payment, could you shoot me an email letting me know you paid?   jennaral AT
    Here is the current guest list.  If you don't see your name, but you are planning on attending, just shoot me an email!  Thanks!
    1. Jenna B.
    2. Rossie H.
    3. Jennifer B.
    4. Natalie S.
    5. Brenda
    6. Ashley D.
    7. Ronit
    8. Debbie
    9. Ann D.

    1. Marti W.
    For more information about the retreat, check out this previous blog post.