Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 28, 2018

Old Business
  • Classes:
    • Joe Cunningham, April 14 @NEW. There are about 8 spaces open and we've invited the Greater Ann Arbor and the Detroit Modern groups. 
    • Annabelle Wrigley, Doodle Quilt, September 30, 6 hour class, $60.  Sign-ups will be closer to the event.
    • Giucy Giuce (Giuseppe Ribaudo) - Tiny Piecing. nothing definite yet but we are in discussions with him.  Straw poll taken and it looks like the guild would be happy with next April.  The thought was that if we continue to try to have one major teacher in Spring and one in Fall.
  • Retreat - the spring retreat went well.  Attendees said the view was awesome (sewing in front of huge windows) but the food wasn't too great (which is somewhat different than the last times we stayed there so Amy should probably give them feedback).
  • Charley Harper Quilt Show, Cincinnati area (Milford) - Jackie M & Maggie are driving down Saturday, April 7 and they encourage anyone else interested in meeting up to let them know.
  • Membership cards are in the 'round robin' bin for members who haven't picked theirs up yet.
  • Sew-Ins - next one will be Sunday, May 20. Please remember to sign up.  Low attendance may cancel the event. Remember that the April slot is being used by the Joe C class.
New Business
  • We had an email from someone offering to give us a presentation on Gees Bend quilts.  Rossie will investigate further.
  •  Swaps:
    • Chicago swap sign-ups end on Saturday so if you haven't done so, check the Facebook page or email the board for details.  The plans are that Brenda R will coordinate on exchanging names, send that out to participants and then the minis are due at the May meeting.
    • Members showed off their Color Palette Challenge quilts.  This challenge had a great amount of participation and a lot of creativity!  Jackie M won the drawing (and also, by the way, had the largest quilt entry!).
    • Next month we will do a zippered pouch yankee swap.  Rules: make a pouch, it has to have at least one zipper, wrap it up like a present and we will swap at the meeting.
  • MQG
    • Debbie G spoke and gave her "Drawing with Fabric" class for the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild and a couple of her quilts were featured on MQG's website.
    • The QuiltCon traveling exhibit will be in Grand Rapids at AQS on August 22-25.  We will try to get a group trip together.
    • MQG is still looking for members to participate in task forces. Check their website out if you are interested.
  • Library - books were shared, Kim is looking into ways to digitize for free our library collection
  • Skill Share - Rossie spoke about dyeing fabric. The group talked about the possibility of having a 'dye day' in the summer.  Emily offered her place to gather. Supply requirements (she typically gets hers from Darma     Trading Co):
    • procion (fiber reactive dye) (usually a powder, permanent, not Rit)
    • salt
    • soda ash to alter the pH
    • plastic bucket
    • water
    • any cotton fabric (have fun with prints, doesn't have to be a plain solid)
  • Member spotlight: Heather!  (next month - Emily)
  •  Charity quilts:
    • Members showed their broken dishes blocks
    • Next month: Dutchman's Puzzle (8 flying geese!).  Here's a link to a tutorial:
    • Jackie McG also put together 2 complete quilt kits for someone to work on (you don't need to do the entire quilt top, but you can if you want).
    • The QuiltCon charity quilt is back in our hands.  It will go to the Food Gatherers auction. Brenda RG has it to donate.
  • Features: Round Robin and Show-and-Share

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Joe the Quilter Class - April 14

Joe Cunningham class still has openings. We are opening it up to non-guild members. Everyone is encouraged to attend the free trunk show (free for members, free to class attendees).  Trunk show is in the morning of April 14, class is 3 hours in the afternoon the same day. Cost for non-members/non-class attendees to the trunk show is $10. Cost for non-members for the class is $75. Sign-up at:

Friday, March 2, 2018

February 28, 2018

Old Business
  • Classes:
    • Dorie's class on bias applique went well. There were 8 attendees.

    • Possible next 'sew-in' class will be Kathy's "How do I quilt that!!??" lecture/slideshow to include bringing in quilts and discussing options.
    • Joe Cunningham class still has openings. We are opening it up to non-guild members. Everyone is encouraged to attend the free (for guild members) trunk show.  Trunk show is in the morning of April 14, class is 3 hours in the afternoon the same day. Cost for non-members to the trunk show is $10. Cost for non-members for the class is $75. Sign-up at:

    • Annabelle Wrigley - Little Pincushion Studio "Doodle Quilt" class is on for September 30th. This will be a 6-hour class and her trunk show is part of the class. Cost for members $60.  Sign-ups will be later in the year.

  • Spring Retreat at Howell Nature Center is this next weekend.  We had 12 sign-ups so there are still 3 openings if you don't have any dietary restrictions that need to be accommodated.
  • Charley Harper Quilt Show - plans are in the works to organize a trip to the Cincinnati area for this quilt show the weekend of April 7-8.
 New Business
  • Next sew-in is March 18. Be sure to sign up at
  • Treasurer's Report: we are doing fine - our funds are in good enough shape to allow the guild to subsidize some of the teaching events we've been having (such as the Joe C trunk show). Full report at:
  • Guild member news:
    • 3 guild members were featured in a book published by the Modern Quilt Guild, "Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century". Yay to Rossie Hutchinson, Dorie Schwarz, Jenna Brand!  This book has been purchased by the Guild and is in the Library to borrow.  MQG also sent us two swag bags that we raffled off.
  • Swaps:
    • Chicago Swap - we will be having a blind swap with the Chicago MQG.  Brenda R is organizing and has provided a sign-up sheet at Deadline is March 31st to sign up.  This will be for a mini-quilt and no extras.  We will get our swap partner names the first week of April and minis are due at the May meeting.  We will then receive our quilts at the June meeting.  Be sure to coordinate with Brenda R if you are participating but are unable to make these meetings.
    • Idea for a future swap was suggested: use a photo as an inspiration
    • 3 of our members signed up for the Riley Blake challenge for MQG and the fabric is here.  Check with Amy S if you need to get yours. 
    • Log Cabin Block Lottery - guild members made log cabins and they were raffled off, winner takes all. Pam E won the batch of over 30 blocks.
    • Next month's swap is "Color Palette Challenge": members drew sample color palettes at random and are challenged to make any size quilt, pillow, etc. by the next meeting.  Only rules are it must contain the colors in your palette, only additions may be neutrals (e.g., black, white, gray, brown).  Anyone who brings a finish will be put in a drawing for some free fabric.  Palettes were provided by
  • Charity:
    • Guild members made quite a few disappearing 9-patch blocks. Erica agreed to sew them into a top.

    • Next month's block will be "Broken Dishes".  There are many tutorials out there in the 'interwebs' but here is one:  Remember that we are typically sticking with 12.5" blocks (12" finished).  HINT: You will create using 6.5" HSTs.

  •  Membership:  MQG cards are here - check with Jackie Mills if you didn't get yours. These cards can be used at quite a few quilt shops for discounts.
  • QuiltCon: 
    • several members attended in Pasadena and had a great time
    • kudos to Debbie Grifka for her win with Canterbury #2 in the Applique category 
    •  it was noted that our charity entry got a lot of attention and members felt it really stood out - once again, a big thank you to the team who put this together and Dorie for designing and organizing!

    •  Dorie's daughter Eva had her first ever quilt in the show in the youth category.  So exciting to see our young ones picking up the skills.
  • Skill Share: Brenda R gave a demo on how to make blocks using tube quilting.  She reminded everyone that you end up with all bias edges so she recommends making heavy use of spray starch.
  • Features
    • Member Spotlight:  Maggie showed us some quilts from her journey to date.  Next month will be Heather Lentz 
    • Library (two books were donated by Kathy)
    • Show & Share