Friday, September 2, 2022

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, August 2022

The August meeting was held via Zoom with 23 members and 10 guests in attendance.

The bulk of the meeting was a presentation by David Owen Hastings on "Minimal Design, Maximum Impact" >

David spoke on three topics: the history of modern quilting, inspiration for quilts showcasing some of his favorite quilt designers (Carson Converse, Erik Wolfmeyer, Pamela Wiley) as well as himself, and the process he uses when creating his pieces.  

David gets a lot of his inspiration from architecture and likes to mimic the lines he sees there.  One of his mantras if he is struggling with a piece is "when in doubt, take it out" where he will start removing pieces to continue to simplify the work. When he teaches his classes he often has the students create a maquette or miniature of the piece in paper and then superimposes that on a picture of a wall or other element to visualize it large scale.  He also recommends using just a few minimal shades like browns, black, gray, white and then adding a pop of a brighter color.  Another recommendation is to use varying colors of thread to add impact.

Interested in knowing more?  You can sign up for David's newsletter and get information on future workshops at

Elections:  Reminder that guild elections will be in October.  We definitely have two open positions since this is Brenda's last year on the board. We also have the membership vp spot open and are looking for someone interested in the charity chair, however we aren't limited to those spots - please let the Board know if you are interested in any position.  You can view the job duties of each position by selecting the Bylaws tab at the top of this page.

Programs:  In addition to elections at our October meeting, Oct 26th. This meeting will once again be via Zoom and we will be featuring another guest speaker, Carole Lyles Shaw on "Sustainable Stashing".  We are not able to sell guest tickets for this event, so this will be for guild members only.

MQG Community Outreach Quilt:  Progress is continuing on the Outreach quilt.  There will be an assembly session at N.E.W. on Sunday, September 25th.  Please let Amy S. know if you plan on attending - the more the merrier!

Business Cards: The guild now has business cards that can be put out at other meetings or events.  Let Brenda know if you'd like to have some for this purpose.  We did put out flyers at the GAAQG Quilt Show and we do now have 7 new members so outreach is important.  

Show and Share: just a small group this month with Cheryl M. sharing her medallion quilt and Brenda showing her recent baby and matching dolly quilt.

September Meeting - Sept 28th:  Location to be announced - we do not know if we will be having this next meeting via Zoom or in person as we are checking on the room capacities for N.E.W.