Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Round Up for November 23rd!

Rossie is working on an awesome improv quartered log cabin quilt:

Debbie has made a new Turnstile quilt:

Love these Christmasy colors!

Rebekah has new two quilts blogged:

A cool Arithmetic (love the colors!) (pattern by Jenni Baker) and:

And a sweet autumnal Modern Maples (pattern by Amanda of Hey Porkchop!).

 Kathy has been working on her Riley Blake Challenge quilt:

Love the use of the stripes! And the quilting!

Ginia has been working on free motion quilting her yellow squares quilt:

And I finally blogged my half square triangle baby quilt:

Jenna's made three new sweaters, and talks about adapting a pattern written for knits for woven fabrics.

Brenda's posted her thick mint chocolate chip cookie recipe. I'll be making some of these.

Pam is showing off this amazing yo-yo quilt that her grandmother made. It was probably made in the late forties or early fifties:

And that's all from me this week! Let's get back to sewing!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meeting Minutes from Nov 20, 2013

Hello everyone!  We had a great meeting last Wednesday!  It was very nice to see everyone and spend some time talkin' sewin' instead of holiday planning! 

Next Sew-in: Sunday, Dec 8
Next Meeting: Wednesday, Dec 18 (not our usual last-wednesday-of-the-month, due to holidays).

No swaps at the next meeting, but there IS a Holiday Social Hour!  Come to Pink Castle at 5:30, bring some treats to share, and we'll have a festive time. 

Lauren showed this lama mini quilt.  It's amazing.

Meeting Minutes:
  • We changed the seating arrangement from a giant circle to rows of chairs.
Old Business
  • January retreat: We have about 21 people who have given deposits to Ginia!  We decided not to invite members of other guilds to the retreat, as we are already reaching comfort capacity. 
  • The committee for the Modern Quilting Exhibit for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show will meet soon. 
  • Riley Blake Contest
    •     End date changed to Feb 2013
    •     Fabric available if you need some to start
New Business
  • Elections will be held at the January Membership Meeting
    • Nominate yourself! All our board positions are up for election.  Job descriptions can be found in our bylaws (link at the top of the site).   
    • Before the election any office for which there is competition, we will send out newsletter laying out differences between candidates
  • Charity Chair: a position that needs to be filled ASAP is someone to organize our charitable giving.
    • So happy to report that after the meeting Stephanie and Pam agreed to be co-chairs!  Thank you! 
  • Weekly Round-Up: Jenna is having a hard time keeping up with the Weekly Round-Up.  Proposed either a volunteer runs the posts, or we change to a linky-party format.
    • Amy volunteered to run the Round-Up!  Thank you!
Member Spotlight - Amy Stevenson
  • Next month we will hear from Vikki! 

Skill School  - Brenda talks about fabric
  • Trends for 2014: metallics, foxes, horses, emerald greens, less new lines and more collaboration between artists! 
Round Robin

Mug Rug Yankee Swap

Show and Share

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Membership Newsletter

Hello Members!

We have a meeting on Wednesday, November 20 at 6:30pm.  

If you want to participate in the swap, bring a mug rug! 
  • Mug Rug Swap:  The weather will likely be plenty chilly at this point.  We will have mugs.  We Will need rugs.  Yankee swap. Bring your mug rug -- wrapped!
Instead of the normal Weekly Round-Up, this week we've got a boring old newsletter that was sent to your emails.  If you didn't get something from a2modernquiltguild, please check your spam.  If you still can't find it, email and let me know!

We've got some minor business to cover re: elections and a small, one-question survey we need you to complete.  Other quality info in the newsletter, too!

Please give it a read with your morning coffee or nightly whiskey shots.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Meeting minutes from 10/30/201

We had a very nice meeting on Wednesday, covering a lot of ground!

Next Meeting:  November 20!!
Next Sew-In: Sunday, November 10.  12pm - 4pm at Pink Castle Fabrics.  Book your space here (under Gatherings).

Next Swap: Mug Rugs! Mug rug should be between 4x6 and 5x7.  A mini mini quilt.  Bring the mug rug wrapped for a yankee swap.

Rossie made membership cards!  If you are a member and did not recieve your card, contact Rossie.

Ginia collected deposits for our January retreat.  More details about the retreat here.  She will continue to collect checks at the November meeting.  Please make $50 checks payable to the Hankerd Inn.

We successfully filled two positions:
  • Librarian:  Amy regretfully has to resign from her position as library chair. Kathy was kind enough to fill the spot.  You can view our library database here.
  • Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild liason: Pam will be the organization chair for planning the event.  Guild members signed up to be on the committee, aiding in More details here.
Those wishing to participate in the Riley Blake challenge obtained their fabrics.  We will do our own guild retreat following the same guidelines (see below).  For our guild contest, submissions should be brought to the January meeting.
Some of our guild members worked on a secret quilt!  Rossie was given her wedding present at the meeting:

We discussed having some speakers come to our guild next yearSherri Lynn Wood has expressed an interest in teaching a class for our guild in November 2014!

Member Spotlight - Emily was spotlit! Next month we will learn about Amy S!

Skill School - Ginia taught everyone how to create nice, sharp 45degree corners on your quilt binding, and then did an awesome lesson on mitered corners for quilt piecing! It was a very clever lesson, making Y seams seem a lot more approachable! Next month Brenda will do a presentation on upcoming fabric releases and trends. 
Swap: A yankee swap for Favorite Tools was conducted! Next month we will do a mug rug swap. More details at the top of the post.

Round Robin
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