Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meeting Minutes from Nov 20, 2013

Hello everyone!  We had a great meeting last Wednesday!  It was very nice to see everyone and spend some time talkin' sewin' instead of holiday planning! 

Next Sew-in: Sunday, Dec 8
Next Meeting: Wednesday, Dec 18 (not our usual last-wednesday-of-the-month, due to holidays).

No swaps at the next meeting, but there IS a Holiday Social Hour!  Come to Pink Castle at 5:30, bring some treats to share, and we'll have a festive time. 

Lauren showed this lama mini quilt.  It's amazing.

Meeting Minutes:
  • We changed the seating arrangement from a giant circle to rows of chairs.
Old Business
  • January retreat: We have about 21 people who have given deposits to Ginia!  We decided not to invite members of other guilds to the retreat, as we are already reaching comfort capacity. 
  • The committee for the Modern Quilting Exhibit for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show will meet soon. 
  • Riley Blake Contest
    •     End date changed to Feb 2013
    •     Fabric available if you need some to start
New Business
  • Elections will be held at the January Membership Meeting
    • Nominate yourself! All our board positions are up for election.  Job descriptions can be found in our bylaws (link at the top of the site).   
    • Before the election any office for which there is competition, we will send out newsletter laying out differences between candidates
  • Charity Chair: a position that needs to be filled ASAP is someone to organize our charitable giving.
    • So happy to report that after the meeting Stephanie and Pam agreed to be co-chairs!  Thank you! 
  • Weekly Round-Up: Jenna is having a hard time keeping up with the Weekly Round-Up.  Proposed either a volunteer runs the posts, or we change to a linky-party format.
    • Amy volunteered to run the Round-Up!  Thank you!
Member Spotlight - Amy Stevenson
  • Next month we will hear from Vikki! 

Skill School  - Brenda talks about fabric
  • Trends for 2014: metallics, foxes, horses, emerald greens, less new lines and more collaboration between artists! 
Round Robin

Mug Rug Yankee Swap

Show and Share

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