Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meeting Minutes from 9/28/11

We had a wonderful meeting last night at MakerWorks.

Important Dates: 

  • Next Sew-In: Sunday, October 9th 12pm - 4pm at MakerWorks
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, October26th 6:30pm at MakerWorks
What to bring for the next meeting:  If you want to participate in another "Yankee Swap," bring a sewn accessory that you've made.  Can be for person or for home (i.e. a headband, a hot-pad, etc...) 

Thanks to Rossie for writing out the minutes below:

Next Sew In:  @ MakerWorks on Sunday, October 9th  noon-4pm
We're going to work on the charity quilt and our own projects.
Brenda is donating batting for the quilt.
Brenda will bring sashing for the quilt, some of us volunteered to
chip in to cover the cost of that fabric.

Next meeting: @ MakerWorks on Wednesday, October 26th  630pm
There will be show and tell as usual.
There will be another Yankee swap.  People who want to take part
should make an accessory (either for a person or the home; i.e., a
headband, a hot pad, etc)

In attendance:  Brenda, Debbie, Rossie, Ana, Emily, Natalie, Ashley,
Lynn and new member Paloma.  & ??? that arrived later.
Emily brought some amazing apple pie bars.

Old business:
(1) update of the lesson for making the Messenger Bag
We've been offered October 8th or 9th.
3 people could do that day.
It was decided to ask about days in November.

(2) update on the retreat
Ana has been researching
Toronto has suggested meeting half-way for a joint retreat.
Lynn suggested Hankard Inn near Chelsea, which would allow people to
visit even if they couldn't stay overnight.  People seemed excited
about that possibility.
The plan is to work on our own projects, not have classes etc.

(3) member cards
Ana will print them out and bring to next meeting
Brenda will send her the files and the names

New business:
(1) We don't seem to have a secretary anymore.  It was decided to
rotate the job.  Several people are happy to do it, but can't commit
to always being there.  Jenna asked that whoever does the minutes is
quick to at least send out the details about the next meeting and
sew-in.  Dates, times, supplies, plan, etc.

(2) Brighton Modern Quilt Guild may be dissolving; anyone from that
guild is welcome to come to Ann Arbor.

(3) T-Shirts.  There's a plan afoot to get silk-screening equipment
and screen our logo onto t-shirts and bags and such.  It was discussed
casually, something for next meeting's agenda.

Member Announcements:
Paloma is going to be at Quilt Market in Houston.
Natalie is going to The Sewing Summit.
Paloma is moving to South American (Argentina I think) and will be
opening the first Modern Quilt Guild when she gets there!
Lynn has a laptop case that will be in a booth at Quilt Market.
Two of our members will have their work in the 100 Days of Modern Quilts
We have at least two member entering the Modern Quilt Guild 4 Challenge

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meeting Tonight : 9/28/11

Don't forget we have a meeting tonight at Maker Works!  6:30pm.

Also, don't forget your 3 FQs if you want to participate in the Yankee Swap.  Make sure you wrap them up! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

We have so much to catch-up on, since I took last week off by accident.

First we've got Emily who has been cooking up lots of cute craft projects, but is also celebrating her One Year Blogiversary!  Congratulations, Emily!

Check out these Stacked Strips!

And these adorable bloomers!

And this cute little bundle of baby goods!

Next up, Lucinda is working on a very fabulous looking quilt for herself: 

Debbie made this rich purple pillow!  Love it!

Natalie collaborated with a friend in making this adorable blanket for a baby shower:

Lynn went on a fabulous sounding retreat with Gwen Marston (jealous!) and made some incredible looking "sketch" quilts:

And she's working on this bonkers mini-star quilt!  These stars will finish at two inches!

Ronit has made this really great "back as front" quilt:

And she made this beautiful "Giant Vintage Star" quilt for a dear friend:

Anna made this awesome Wedding Quilt (and it was featured on Modern Day Quilts!):

And she made this fantastic Solids quilt for a swap:

Phew!  So much awesomeness all in one post!  I'm so proud of our fabulous Guild!

Modern Day Quilts featuring Anna!

Check it out!  Our guild sister, Anna, was featured on Modern Day Quilts! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where's the Weekly Round-Up?

WOOPS!  I had company over last weekend and I completely forgot about the Weekly Round-Up!  My apologies, guilders!  I will make this week's Round-Up and XXL, covering all the crafts created this week and last.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Check out the fabulous projects completed by our guild members this past week!

LeeAnn made this adorable baby blanket:

August meeting minutes

Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild
Meeting Minutes
Aug 31, 2011

If you are making Habitat blocks (12" finished) and haven't turned them in yet, please bring them to the September Sew-In (Sept 11) or the September meeting (Sept 28) at MakerWorks (3765 Plaza Drive, AA).

Despite quite a lot of rain, those of us who went on the August shop hop had a great time.  When we visited Sew Unique Threads in Battle Creek many of us admired their Amy Butler Weekender Bags.  Sue, (the owner/manager?), offered to teach a class on this pattern for us for free if we buy our supplies from her.  Brenda is looking into whether that includes the pattern and some dates.  (See this blog post to view the pattern).  Seven or eight people indicated that they would be interested.

Brenda reported that Anna is interested in organizing a sewing retreat.  This was greeted with general enthusiasm.  Suggestions included a price range of $100 - $150 and a time of early November or January or February.

Brenda passed around three solid fabrics to see if we could guess which ones were Kona, Free Spirit, or Moda.  Most of us could not, but it was fun to try!

Natalie is attending the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City next month and asked if anyone else was going.  Unfortunately, nobody present was planning to go. 

Our next Sew-in will be at MakerWorks on Sept 11 from 12-4.

For our Sept meeting (Sept 28 at MakerWorks), it was decided to do another Yankee fat quarter swap.  Bring three fat quarters, disguised or not as you choose, and we'll swap and steal!  It was lots of fun last time!

Sew-In reminder

Just a quick reminder about our Sew-In this Sunday, Sept 11 at MakerWorks from 12-4.  The address is 3765 Plaza Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.  It is best to take the driveway before the one for 3765 or you may have to haul your stuff a longer way over part of the lawn.

Bring food if you like.  Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Hello all!

I'm sorry for the delay on the weekly round-up, but here it is!

Brenda made this adorable Space Invaders mini-quilt...

Lynn has finished her adorable ABC sampler.

Ronit has made this fabulous block for a solids swap called "Watermelon Slice" 

And Natalie and Emily have had recent success selling these quilts in their respective Etsy shops!  Congrats, guys!
Natalie's Quilt
Emily's Quilt
Sorry I couldn't make the meeting, but looking forward to our next get together!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

I'll post a summary of Wednesday's meeting later in the week, but I wanted to get the Weekender Bag info onto the blog as I promised.

For those who weren't there - Sue of Sew Unique Threads (on our shop hop) offered to teach a class for us at her shop on Amy Butler's Weekender Bag.  She will teach it for free if we buy our supplies from her.

Brenda is following up with Sue on a few questions we had.  In the meantime, here is a look at the front, back and supply list of the pattern.

Contact Brenda if you are interested in the class.

(Sorry, but Blogger is being really goofy about where it lets me put the pictures!)