Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

Did you all celebrate National Quilting Day?  Might've been hard to get to your machines with our unseasonably warm and lovely weather.  I unfortunately was too busy, I don't know, oh yea, having 10000 panic attacks about the F3 tornado that breezed through my neighborhood last Thursday.   Ob-la-di, ob-la-da....

 Debbie finished this stunning pillow for another swap...

Kathy has a lot going on!  Check out these wonderful blocks:

and this delightful Seattle block!  Stunning! 

Rossie put together her amazing Kelp Quilt from the Mid Mod Quilt Bee:

and she's working on this linen/stripes project that I am going to steal!  First I will steal this actual quilt, then I will steal the idea and pattern - making 10000 versions and covering every surface of my home with the results.

Ronit made this lovely Challah cover!  Loves these colorful curves...

and she finished her Chevron mini for a swap!  Lovely!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kansas City Inspiration Post

Shameless self-promotion here...

The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild is showcasing my mini-quilt for their "Inspiration of the Week!"

Nice!  I'm flattered.  And through my email communication with their group,  I offered us up as a willing fellow-guild who'd love to swap or somehow else collaborate. 

Any ideas on how what we'd like to do with sister-guilds?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Debbie on 100 Days

Check it out!  Debbie's stunning Traffic Pattern quilt is featured today on the Modern Quilt Guild's 100 Days of Quilting Series.

Meeting Minutes from 2/29/12

**UPDATE: I posted this this morning with the incorrect date for the next meeting and without the details for the next swap.  See below for new/correct information**
Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 28th - 6:30pm Meeting at Maker Works
Next Sew-In: THIS Sunday, March 11, 12-4 at MakerWorks

What to bring for the next meeting: The Yankee Swap for the March 28th meeting is on the theme of "Spring"--use some fabric and your imagination to make a little something for our exchange!  Please also bring ideas (words, quotes, etc) to use as themes for future swaps.

Thanks to Debbie for taking these minutes from our last meeting:

The Modern Quilt Guild has announced QuiltCon , scheduled for February 21-24, 2013 in Austin, TX. 
Brenda has reserved 2 rooms and Debbie has reserved one. The main hotel is sold out for now.

The deadline for the Modern Quilt Guild exhibit in Houston is Friday, March 2.

The IQA Cincinnati trip will include a meetup with the Cincinnati and Columbus MQGs. Those going include Brenda, Debbie, Anna, Ashley and Natalie.

Katy Jones, Thomas Knauer and Heather Bostic are some of the teachers for the Sewing Summit that will be in October in Salt Lake City.
The American Quilter's Society will have a show in Grand Rapids in August.

Brenda has researched dates the Hankerd Inn will be available for a summer retreat. It looks like the weekend before July 4 or later in July are the best bets. The week of June 23 was not available.

There will be a Southeast Michigan Crafter's Meetup on March 15.

Katie, from the blue chair, is doing a rainbow themed charm swap that will be huge! It will include 280 charms and cost about $14 shipping. (NOTE: This swap is now closed)

We will baste the charity quilt at the next sew-in, Sunday, March 11, 12-4 at MakerWorks.

Note from Brenda: Flea Market Fancy arrives March 9. Anyone who wants to help should contact her.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Round-Up!

Hello guild members!  I was so sad that I couldn't attend the meeting this week.  : (  Hopefully it was loads of fun and everyone left feeling inspired - that's what happens to me after we all get together!

Debbie made this lovely quilt in stunning oranges and greys.  Love it!

Brenda showcases some of the quilt-tops assembled during the "Bust Yo Scraps" quilt-along she's hosting.  They look amazing!  And such variety...

Natalie is cooking up ideas for her next Do.Good.Stitches quilt, but in the meantime has cranked out some Retro Flower blocks for a bee. 

I gave my "Pa" his very traditional birthday quilt...

... and finished my Tangerine Tango challenge quilt!

Lynn's been busy making liberated wedding ring blocks...

... and finishing her amazing Pinwheels and Strings quilt!   

Ronit made a lovely, complex, chevron inspired block for a swap...

... and has an awesome tutorial for a very cook triangle-in-triangle block! 

And Ronit also shares a great method for pin-basting quilts in close quarters. 

Enjoy! Hope to see you all soon.