Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Round-Up for July 28, 2013

We have a lot to go over, so onward and upward!

First, we have a meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm at Pink Castle Fabrics.  Please CLICK HERE and "Book" your spot for the meeting.  This helps our host know how much space to prepare for our meetings.  Do it.
  • There will be an "x & +" Block Lottery Swap, for those who want to participate:  For every block you make, you get an entry into the lottery.  The lottery winner goes home with all the blocks.  The block will be the 12 inch version of the x & + (x and plus) block.  Please contact Debbie if you need the dimensions for the blocks.
  • If you are participating in the Round Robin, please bring your projects.  If you cannot attend, considering emailing Dorie so that she can plan the next rotation. 
Also, Debbie posted a couple of days ago looking for member profile questions.  Please read the post and leave a comment!

Now onto our blogging and crafts!

Debbie has made another stunning quilt from her Think Positive pattern!

Lynn made this pretty tea towel using some Hexie papers she got from our former A2MQG member Paloma (who had to move out of the state - boo for us!). 

Rossie blogged about the Improvisational Piecing class she taught at Pink Castle Fabrics.  She's got another class coming up on Saturday, September 21st if you are interested!

Amy posted about her fabric-selection process as a primer for the reveal of a Lotta Jansdotter quilt.

Kathy's got an exciting palm tree quilt in the beginning stages!  Looking forward to watch this develop.  

Pam's been cooking up some bright and fun bee blocks!
And I posted a wrap-up of my Kids Clothes Week finishes!

Take care, everyone! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Member profiles

During the last meeting we decided to to an AAMQG member profile each month.  I'm preparing a list of recommended questions for the interviewer to ask.
So, what do you want to know about your fellow AAMQG members?  What questions would you ask?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sew-In on Sunday!

There is a sew-in on Sunday, July 14 at Pink Castle Fabrics from 12 - 4pm.  Members and guests are welcome, although there is a $5 charge for any visitor who has already used their visitor pass.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Round-Up for July 5, 2013

Hello friends!  I took last week off, considering I was on vacation and so many of our lovely guilders were out at our Summer Retreat!

Photo by Emily

Rossie did a nice post about her productive time at the retreat. 

And here are some pics of other projects done at the Hankerd Inn:

Emily project

Emily project
Ronit project

Pam has been working on this lovely blue and green project.

And besides Debbie announcing that she's going to be one of the fabulous teachers at Camp Stitchalot in December,  that's pretty much it in our blog land!

Summer is such a whirlwind!  Make the most of it, peeps!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Meeting Minutes from 6/26/2013

We had a very nice meeting last Wednesday:

Old Business
-  The Hankerd Inn Sewing retreat is all set for the weekend.

- Spoonflower quilts have pictures
  • Spoonflower update - Jen says she still has not heard from anyone, but will try and develop a new contact over the next month
  • Jenna will write a blog post about the quilt and our auction.  
  • We will set up an auction through Ebay, possibly through Brenda's account
  • We will contact Habitat and tell them we're planning an auction in the middle of August.
- Oklahoma quilts may no longer be accepted/needed.  Some confusion on this issue, so quilts brought were donated to Margaret's Hope Chest.

- Our website: rather than moving forward obtaining our own domain, we will wait for our MQG-hosted site.

- Grand Rapids Quilt Show the weekend of August 15th.  If you are interested in attending, you can contact Debbie.

New Business
- x and + block demonstration by Debbie for next month's swap.
  • No color scheme, do whatever you want for fabric choices
  • Lottery: however many blocks you bring in is how many chances you get to win the blocks. 
-  Ginia as emailed our membership the AQS rules for their 2014 contests. 
-  Rossie made a note that our membership is interested in how quilters get published in magazines.  

-  Rossie has presented the MQG (by request) a rubric of judging criteria for Modern Quilts to be used in future contests upon revision by the MQG board.
- Jenn is drafting a document for the MQG (by request) to help guide guilds that want to file for state nonprofit status

Member Spotlight - Debbie Grifka
  • Some interest in doing a spotlight on the blog (member's write their posts)
  • Jenna ill be spotlit next month.  Debbie will email her some questions. 

Round Robin

Show and Share
Yankee Pouch Swap