Friday, October 28, 2011

Meeting Minutes from 10/26/11

We had a wonderful meeting Wednesday night at MakerWorks.

Important Dates:
  • Next Sew-In: Sunday, Nov 13th - 12pm - 4pm at Maker Works
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, Nov 30 - 6:30pm Meeting
What to bring for the next meeting:  If you want to participate in another "Yankee Swap," bring a non-denominational hanging bauble (i.e. "ornament") to the next meeting.   Think around 3 x 3 inches.  There are no real size constraints - just don't be weird! ;  )

Old Business:
  • Still planning on a January retreat to the Hankerd Inn.  Have to research available dates.  This is somethinig that should be investigated ASAP.  Brenda said she would contact.
  • Business cards will hopefully be done by the next meeting.
New Business:
  • Natalie told us about her experience at the Sewing Summit and suggested that we do a swap with the Idaho Modern Quilter's Guild.  Natalie said she'd contact them. 
  • We have a new member!  Welcome Jen!  Jen moved here from Austin to work as an attorney with the University of Michigan.  She blogs HERE and flickrs HERE.
We then did show-and-tell, the accessory swap, and worked on our Habitat Charity Quilt.

For the Habitat quilt, Ashley took home one block to embroider "Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild 2011" that we will put on the back of the larger quilt. Ginia took the small quilt and Anna took the large quilt.

We decided to do another swap the next meeting with ornaments, to be hung on Christmas trees or as generic home decor.  

Anna took pictures, and we will share those soon!

Till next time!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amish quilts in Flint

Hi everyone,
Amish quilts have had a huge influence on my quilting.  I've been wanting to get up to the exhibit on Amish quilts at the Flint Institute of Arts, but my schedule has been too booked.  The exhibit ends in a few weeks and my Saturday just cleared up -  so I am going!  Anyone want to come?

Logistical details:  It will take about an hour traveling time each way.  The exhibit is open 10 am to 5 pm and admission is $7 for adults.  I am happy to drive.  Email me right away if you have questions and/or want to go!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meeting Wednesday - 10/26

Don't forget about our meeting tomorrow night at 6:30pm at Maker Works! 

We are also doing an "accessory" swap!  Don't forget to wrap it up!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Hello everybody!

Let's start this week's round-up by welcoming Kathy to the world of blogging!  You can find her page here.  And look at what she's been up to!
Blue chips quilt blogged here

Small studies with Gwen Marston blogged here.  Love this colors in this one!

Crumb quilt progress blogged here  This is crazy!!

Paloma has a wonderful Wagon Wheel block tutorial on her blog.  I can't wait to try it!  She even does the math for fabric requirements using this block for various sized quilts.  So handy!

Debbie has been on a quilting retreat and offered these previews of the projects she's tackled.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

I've been hosting a little costume party over at my blog, for anyone looking for inspiration/instructions on a variety of Halloween Costumes.  Here's my baby, Henry, in the Yoda costume I finished this week:

Lynn received more beautiful blocks for her quilt.  Love the color combination!

Ronit also received some blocks this week for her do. Good Stitches quilt.  I'm nuts about this "Love in the Mist" block!

Oh man!  These projects are really inspiring me to start something new, but I'm still knee deep in costumes here...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Have you seen this amazing quilt-top Debbie finished?  Jaw dropping.  All hand-appliqued.  Gorgeous!

Lynn received Bee Blocks for her wonky stars quilt this week...

Emily made this beautiful quilt for a baby boy...

Brenda has been cranking out the Bee Blocks...

and she made this awesome Canada pillow for a swap!  Such a neat idea!

Ronit made this stunning blanket...

Becky made pillow cases to match her gorgeous quilt...

and she is plugging away on her Halloween quilt!

I made a Halloween craft, too! This appliquéd table-runner.

And let me take a moment to link to Paloma!  I met Paloma at our last guild meeting.  We only have her for a little while before she moves to South America (where she'll start the first South American Modern Quilt Guild!), but we're happy to have her while she's here!

A last minute reminder...

Sew in at Maker Works from 12-4 today!