Tuesday, August 3, 2021

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, July 2021

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We were thrilled to have a guest presenter at our July meeting.  Laura Hartich, @laurahartich http://www.laurahartrich.com/, is a modern quilt artist from Chicago who shared with us her ideas around "labels as her love language".  She discussed journaling the quilt process - from idea to design to final product.  She also discussed her thoughts on why we should label our quilts, what those labels should include (e.g., name, date, location, title, and possibly even the story behind the quilt).  The presentation also included how she makes her labels and how she uses the journaling to create the label, which is especially important for those quilts that cross many periods of times (years?).  The guild was thrilled to have had her present.  It was fun to see one of the quilts she'd made for someone in our guild as part of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild-Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild swap, and Brenda was able to show one from her on another swap.