Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, November 2019

Minutes, November 2019

  • Upcoming classes for 2020
    • April 2020 - Rossie Hutchinson - improv
    • 04 October 2020 - Latifah Saafir.. She has a lot of great class offerings.
  • The winning Latifah class was the Clam Toss. 

  • Winter 2020 retreat - January 24-26 at Creative Passions in Chesaning
    • RETREAT IS FULL! If you want to pay by check, see Cheryl. If she sent you an invoice please pay ASAP. We have 3 people on the waitlist, so if you think you cannot go, let us know ASAP.
      There will be a mini swap. Bring something if you'd like to participate. Kathy will coordinate.
Quilt Show
  • We’ve been asked to consider showing 4-5 of our modern quilts in the GAAQG quilt show next summer.  The quilts will be shown with art quilts as well as civil war quilts - to show the range of quilts available.  Is there interest? We need to commit soon-ish. There will be 12 quilts on display,

What types of themes should we do next year? Ideas
  • Charity
  • Garment sew-in
  • Curves
  • Paper piecing (again)
  • Free motion ideas & ruler work
  • Next isDEC - Sunday, Dec 8
  • 2020 dates coming soon!  

  • Four of Six missing red arrows or disappearing 9-patch found.
  • Food Gatherer’s charity quilt will be Polaroids, led by Kathy.
  • No December charity challenge.  Finish any charity blocks/projects you have or you can make a 62” wide strip of stripes using bold & bright fabrics
    • Thanks to all who participated this month!  
  • Mott’s is no longer taking baby quilts for the time being. We will instead be diverting the baby quilts to Safe house. 
  • Heidi from Ozone House will be attending our February meeting to talk about the work they do there and how our quilts are being used. It would be great to present her with some quilts when she comes.
  • Quilt Labels in blue bin.  Jackie has some if you need them.

Membership renewal
  • Annual dues are $42 with $2 discount for paying by check. You will also need to fill out a new membership form. There is a PayPal link on the website a2mqg.org

Other business
  • Next meeting: 
    • December will be a holiday party at the Session Room in AA. It will be December 18. 6:00-9:00pm in the lounge area next to the bar. 
    • We will send out an RSVP poll the first week of December to see how many to expect and then we can let you know if you can bring a plus one
      - We will do a notions swap with a $20 limit.
  • We are putting together a survey that we will distribute to all members in the coming months to get a sense of what things you are most interested in to help us with planning the next couple of years. 
  • Merchandise! ROSSIE
    • draft of artwork to have done by professional if approved
    • sample of hoodie I love (and price to order them--multiple colors and sizes possible)
    • will ask for info/feedback on t-shirts (what cut and design do people like)
  • No Round Robin until January
MQG updates 

  • November 30 is last day to sign up for free floor pass
  • New Modern Monthly is out! You can access all of the resources under resources on the member dashboard as well.
  • MQG Sessions | May 7-9, 2020 | Denver, Colorado
    • The MQG Sessions will bring modern quilting workshops to cities across the U.S., and we're pleased to announce that the first event will be in Denver, Colorado, with a focus on handwork! Seven experienced instructors will lead workshops all about hand sewing — from embroidery to sashiko to hand piecing and more. Join us to master various arts of handwork.
    • November 1, 2019: Workshop details have been revealed
    • December 1, 2019: Registration opens for MQG Members
    • January 6, 2020: Registration opens for Non-Members
    • Each workshop includes a six hour session with instructor, as well as breakfast and lunch onsite. Each full day workshop is broken into an AM session and PM session.
      • One day workshop - $200 for members/ $240 for non-members
      • Three one day workshops - $540 for members/ $648 for non-members
      • Evening trunk show & cocktail party - $10/each
Game/Activity/Discussion - 
We did a jelly roll race!

Skill share -  Lana showed us laser etching on fabric and gave a Maker Works tour
Round Robin
Swapenge  - November - Block Lottery – Sawtooth Star - Ida won!
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Friday, November 1, 2019

Meeting Minutes, October 2019

Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes, October 2019


  • There is a survey on Facebook for which Latifah Saafir class guild members would prefer to take. The class will be October 4th, 2020.
  • Rossie will be teaching in April.
  • The board will be sending out a feedback survey about classes in the new year.
Retreats and Sew-ins
  • January retreat at creative passions is full. You can sign up for the wait list if you're interested. (See Facebook for link.)
  • Six people participated in the October Sew-in for the Sew Together Bag. It was fun!
  • Think about sew in themes for next year.
  • The November sew-in is a go.
Quilt show
  • A2MQG will have a show at the Ford library during the month of December. Twelve quilts from twelve members will be shown.
Official things
  • It's time to renew annual membership. You can pay via PayPal on the website or bring a check to meeting.
  • The November meeting will be early on November 20th. There is a different location at Maker Works in Ann Arbor. (Thanks Lana)
  • The December meeting will be early on December 18th. It will be a holiday party at the Session Room in Ann Arbor. We will be sending out a request for RSVPs soon.
  • QuiltCon registration is still open.
  • Details about the MQG Sessions in Denver in May will be released soon.
  • Guild voting: Welcome Sherri Potas-Garrett as the new VP of Membership! Maggie, Brenda, Cheryl, and Dorie will continue on.
  • Jackie Mills collected the red triangles charity blocks and distributed blue and green disappearing nine patch blocks.
  • Those who quilted charity quilt tops were entered into a raffle. Debbie won a pretty solid fat quarter bundle!
  • We discussed making a baby quilt for food gatherers. Maybe a Polaroid quilt? Bring your ideas to the next meeting, or share ahead of time on Facebook.
  • Old / your first quilt
  • Round Robin
  • Secret Stalker Swap Revealed
  • Show and share
Swap for next time
  • Block lottery. For every block you make, you get one raffle ticket. Winner takes all blocks. Use this Sawtooth Star block: http://www.kairleoaks.com/2017/05/sawtooth-star-tutorial-12-block.html. And, use dark for the background and light for the stars.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Meeting Minutes, September 2019

Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild, Minutes, September 25th, 2019

  • Erin Harris' class was great. Several people said that they learned more than they expected to, and the the Make Your Own Medallion book was a good resources for resized block pieces.
  • We are considering going down to just one class per year, as registration hasn't been as high as we'd expect. There will be a survey sent to membership about class interests / likes / dislikes.
  • We still expect to have classes with Rossie and Latifah Saafir in 2020. We will look for guild feedback on which Latifah class to host.
  • Winter retreat is full.
  • Waitlist is available, use the original sign up form if you're interested.
  • If people have not paid by October 15th, we will go to waitlist.
  • We will have quilts hanging in the Ford Presidential Library this December, like last year. If you are one of the 12 people showing quilts, please bring them to the guild meeting in October. Sherrie will be taking this on behalf of Tara.
  • The sew-in on October 13th is our make-a-long for the Sew Together Bag.
  • You don't need to sew this bag to come to the sew-in, but we'll be helping each other along through the steps.
Location Change!
  • We are looking for alternate locations for our November and December meetings due to holiday schedule conflicts.
  • Maggie is looking into a holiday party scene for the December meeting.
  • Pre-cut blocks seem to be a hit for making charity quilts. Many people brought back geese and Jackie distributed some new pre-cuts to be sewn.
  • Jackie also distributed 12 baby and lap quilts to guild member for quilting. Wow!
  • If you bring back any quilted charity quilt in October, you get entered into a special drawing.
  • We went over the board's email about the charity text quilt for QuiltCon. These was some confusion about whether the two text options both counted in the 75%. The board will review the results and share with the group next week.
Round Robin
Pincushion swap
Show and share

Friday, September 6, 2019

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, August 2019

Ann ArborModern Quilt Guild
August 28, 2019

  • Upcoming classes for 2019
    • Erin Harris - Build your own medallion class, Sept 14th - 6 hour class - cost member $75, non-members $85. Sign ups are open and we have 11 people signed up so far. 
      • Enrollment now open to non-members as well 
      • If you planned to pay by check Cheryl will stick around after to collect those
      • Erin will be bringing books for anyone who needs one. 
      • ***please bring 12-½ inch center medallion complete to class (ideas can be found in Erin’s book as well as online or other books)
      • Supply list will be sent to those registered soon.
    • April 2020 - Rossie Hutchinson - improv
    • 04 October 2020 - Latifah Saafir.. She has a lot of great class offerings. 
      • DAMqg will partner with us for the weekend event

 Will be sending survey for instructor interests; 1 vs. 2 workshops/year (to make certain we fill enrollment)

  • Winter 2020 retreat - January 24-26 at Creative Passions in Chesaning
    • Sign up will begin August/September as deposit is due in October - cost ~$140
Quilt Show
  • Tara is once again organizing a show for us at the Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor. 
    • We have 12 quilts for the show. One more would be a good addition as a backup.
    • Tara needs to receive your quilt by the first week of November - you can give the quilts to Sherri at the October meeting or make arrangements with Tara.
    • The show will be open mid-November through December.  (will be back to you sometime in January - hopefully no surprises!)
  • Dearborn Festival of Quilts Oct 11-12, $5 admission. The deadline to submit a quit is Oct 2 to submit quilt information to go into the book and then Quilt Delivery Oct 7. 
    • May be an option for a group display in future
  • AQS in Grand Rapids - several members attending the August event with positive feedback, including Maria Shell’s class on curves and circles
  • AUG - Sunday, Aug 18 - Charity sew-in.  a great turnout. Members expressed interest in having more of these sew-ins.
    • 6 people attended this month
    • 2 quilts tops were completed; Kathy Koch cut out flying geese, quilt kits were put together, quilts organized ready for quilting.
  • SEP - Saturday, Sep 14 - Erin Harris class
  • OCT - Sunday, Oct 13 - SEW TOGETHER
    • Might want to get the pattern and start thinking about supplies soon for the October Sew Together bag class. 
  • NOV - Saturday, Nov 9
  • DEC - Sunday, Dec 8
**Sew-in room access is typically 9-6.  Please remember to bring extension cords as outlets are limited in the rooms.

  • Jackie Mills has taken over as Charity Chair 
    • Flying geese materials given out to members for completion.  Due back to guild at September 25 meeting
  • MQG Quilt Con charity - at the last meeting it was decided not to make a quilt for Quilt Con since we didn’t have a design at the meeting.  Rossie volunteered to design a quilt and lead the group to insure we continue to participate in the annual event. Rossie will send an update to members.
    • We also discussed making a smaller quilt and basket for Grillin’, perhaps a picnic size or baby quilt.  Some people wondered how to include as many members in the construction if a smaller piece. Further discussion will take place next month.  The quilt basket will be completed to donate in late April/early May. Members are invited to submit a design for the guild to vote on.  
  • September charity block will be precut geese to take and make
    • Thanks to all who donated quilts this month!  
  • Jackie has the quilt labels.  She has them with her if you need any.

  • The annual meeting to review bylaws and vote for new board members will now take place in October, allowing for a transition period between out-going/in-coming board.  A voice vote was unanimous.
  • Sherri Potas-Garrett volunteered to run for the Membership Chair, replacing outgoing Jackie Mills.

Other business
  • We are putting together a survey that we will distribute to all members in the coming months to get a sense of what things you are most interested in to help us with planning the next couple of years. 

MQG updates 

  • Quiltcon registration is open! Even if you don’t plan to go, Maggie recommends getting the free floor pass. If you decide later, you will be glad you did it. 
    • Austin Feb 20-23, featuring Victoria Findlay Wolfe
  • New Modern Monthly is out! You can access all of the resources under resources on the member dashboard as well.
  • Webinar: A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Quilt Design and Layout: How to apply design elements and principles to your quilting repertoire  AUGUST 29, 2019 8PM EDT, 4PM PDT
  • Webinar: Improv Hand Quilting with Heidi Parkes - already aired, can find the video on MQG site

Game/Activity/Discussion -  Guess Who
Library Spotlight - The library list is available on the blog. Send note to Kim or via FB page with requested books and Kim will bring to meeting. 
Skill share - Tara animal portrait raw edge applique
Round Robin/Swapenge  - Heather Lentz has taken over as the chair. 
Round robin additions were shared and pieces were exchanged for next month.
August - 2-color challenge - 4 members participated (Pam, Rossie, Mary Jo and Jackie).  Pam won the raffle.
September - Pin cushion swap.  Ann will leave walnut shells at Pink Castle for anyone who needs some to fill their cushion.
October - Secret Stalker swap.  Names were drawn with likes and fabric swatches as start
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