Policies and Procedures

A2MQG Policies and Procedures 

These policies and procedures are set by the A2MQG Board of Officers. These are not items  that require Bylaw changes or member voting/input unless otherwise indicated. 

The Board has developed a “Diversity Inclusion Statement”. This will eventually also  include an Equity component, but this has not been created at this time. This Statement  will be posted on our website and available to all. http://www.a2mqg.org/p/diversity inclusion-statement.html 

Unless otherwise unavoidable, it is recommended that any newly elected President of  the Guild shall have served on the Board at some point in time. This is to prevent  situations where the President is not able to quickly assume their duties at the  beginning of their term. 

Members who join mid-year will pay half the current dues (e.g., if dues are $45, they will  pay $22.50 at the half year point) unless otherwise decided by the Board in that dues  year. 

Retreats will be annual (may plan more if there is interest).  

There will be one scholarship for each class offered. Members will not be required to  provide a reason for requesting the scholarship and if multiple people apply for it, we  will draw a name from the applicants. 

There will be offered a Student Membership. This will be open to any current student  and will be for $10 for the year. 

In person Sew-Ins may be cancelled if there are not at least 3 people attending so that  we do not tie up whichever facility we are currently using. 

We have purchased a2mqg.org as our website domain. We will continue to use the free  Google blogger platform. 

We will maintain membership in the National Modern Quilt Guild. Part of our  membership dues will go towards this national membership. If a member is part of  another guild, they may also be added to our guild’s roster through MQG however,  there is no adjustment of membership dues for our guild. Note that if they have paid as  an individual member, MQG has a policy on their website for obtaining refunds. 

We will purchase Liability Insurance annually. 

Modified: March 20, 2024

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