Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Meeting Minutes, May 2019

Quilt University is coming to Ann Arbor from the Greater Ann Arbor guild.  Neko shred some postcards with us - thanks!

Upcoming teachers

  • Was great! The new location in Tecumseh worked pretty well.
  • Pro: cute town, pleasant space, nice quilt shop
  • Con: Weird bathroom situation, snug workspaces
Charity sewing
  • Planning on doing charity sewing at the August sew-in.
  • Also kinda holding that date for working together on a charity quilt for quilt con.
  • We discussed ideas for the QuiltCon charity quilt. Heidi will lead and Rossie will help.
  • What was that message from MQG all about? Text quilts with a political message, including those from Chawne Kimber, and other makers of color were left out.
  • We could use some charity chair help.
    • Emily will take quilts to the VA
    • Rossie can help
  • Next month's charity block is Scrappy Pinwheels via this tutorial from Brenda. Use low volume and bright colors.
  • Our 2019 QC quilt will soon be up for auction at Grillin! Get the word out!
  • Webinars are available, including a bunch that are quilt con lectures
  • There is a new QuiltCon book club, and the current book is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Book share
  • Members shared modern quilt books they like:
    • Nicholas Bell: Quilts from the Attic
    • Double Wedding Ring Revisited: Victoria Findalay Wolfe
  • Round Robin
  • Pillow Swap, Yankee Style!
  • Poolside Tote Show-off
  • Show and Share