Monday, July 1, 2013

Meeting Minutes from 6/26/2013

We had a very nice meeting last Wednesday:

Old Business
-  The Hankerd Inn Sewing retreat is all set for the weekend.

- Spoonflower quilts have pictures
  • Spoonflower update - Jen says she still has not heard from anyone, but will try and develop a new contact over the next month
  • Jenna will write a blog post about the quilt and our auction.  
  • We will set up an auction through Ebay, possibly through Brenda's account
  • We will contact Habitat and tell them we're planning an auction in the middle of August.
- Oklahoma quilts may no longer be accepted/needed.  Some confusion on this issue, so quilts brought were donated to Margaret's Hope Chest.

- Our website: rather than moving forward obtaining our own domain, we will wait for our MQG-hosted site.

- Grand Rapids Quilt Show the weekend of August 15th.  If you are interested in attending, you can contact Debbie.

New Business
- x and + block demonstration by Debbie for next month's swap.
  • No color scheme, do whatever you want for fabric choices
  • Lottery: however many blocks you bring in is how many chances you get to win the blocks. 
-  Ginia as emailed our membership the AQS rules for their 2014 contests. 
-  Rossie made a note that our membership is interested in how quilters get published in magazines.  

-  Rossie has presented the MQG (by request) a rubric of judging criteria for Modern Quilts to be used in future contests upon revision by the MQG board.
- Jenn is drafting a document for the MQG (by request) to help guide guilds that want to file for state nonprofit status

Member Spotlight - Debbie Grifka
  • Some interest in doing a spotlight on the blog (member's write their posts)
  • Jenna ill be spotlit next month.  Debbie will email her some questions. 

Round Robin

Show and Share
Yankee Pouch Swap

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