Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

We have so much to catch-up on, since I took last week off by accident.

First we've got Emily who has been cooking up lots of cute craft projects, but is also celebrating her One Year Blogiversary!  Congratulations, Emily!

Check out these Stacked Strips!

And these adorable bloomers!

And this cute little bundle of baby goods!

Next up, Lucinda is working on a very fabulous looking quilt for herself: 

Debbie made this rich purple pillow!  Love it!

Natalie collaborated with a friend in making this adorable blanket for a baby shower:

Lynn went on a fabulous sounding retreat with Gwen Marston (jealous!) and made some incredible looking "sketch" quilts:

And she's working on this bonkers mini-star quilt!  These stars will finish at two inches!

Ronit has made this really great "back as front" quilt:

And she made this beautiful "Giant Vintage Star" quilt for a dear friend:

Anna made this awesome Wedding Quilt (and it was featured on Modern Day Quilts!):

And she made this fantastic Solids quilt for a swap:

Phew!  So much awesomeness all in one post!  I'm so proud of our fabulous Guild!


  1. Just passing through and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.


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