Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sewing Retreat - Current Reservation List

Hello all!

I am so excited about our quilting retreat.  If you are planning on attending, please read this post.  I need information from you!

Here is our current guest list:  everyone on the list is insured a space on the retreat - those of you who were on the waiting list are officially in!  Hooray!

  1. Jenna B.
  2. Rossie H.
  3. Jennifer B.
  4. Natalie S.
  5. Brenda R.
  6. Ashley D.
  7. Ronit S.
  8. Debbie G.
  9. Ann D.
  10. Lynn H.
  11. Marti W.
  12. Nancy M.
  13. Jenn S

There are still spaces available.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Jenna (jennaral AT by JULY 10.    

What do you need to do?  
1. Pay your deposit.  There is a $50 deposit due, per person, by July 17.

Everyone who is attending will owe $110.  

  • If you would like to come on Thursday, August 9th - it's an additional $35 (making it $145 total)
  • If you would like to have a private bedroom with a Queen bed (as opposed to sharing a room with a fellow attendee of the retreat ) - it's an additional $35. 
I would be happy to collect deposit checks or cash at the sew-in on Sunday, July 8th.   You can make them out to :  Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort

Or you can mail the payment yourself:
10350 Hankerd Road
Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272
If you choose to mail your payment, could you shoot me an email letting me know you paid?   jennaral AT
Also - please put ANN ARBOR QUILTING RETREAT in the Memo, so Janet knows what you are sending the deposit for : ) 
Here are the people who have already paid their deposit:
1. Jenna B.
2. Marti W.
3. Jennifer B.
4. Ashley D.
5. Rossie H.
6. Ann D.
2. Tell me if you plan on coming on Thursday - shoot me an email at jennaral AT

3. Tell me if you are a vegetarian or have dietary restrictions- shoot me an email at jennaral AT

WE WILL HAVE A FOOD SIGN-UP LIST AVAILABLE SOON.    Keep checking this blog for more information!

Thanks everyone!

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