Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting Minutes from 6/27/12

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 25 at 6:30pm at Maker Works.  Bring three fat quarters of fabric inspired by Piet Mondrian, wrapped and ready for a Yankee swap if you want to participate.

Our Sew-in is on Sunday, June 8th from 12 - 4pm at Maker Works.

Old Business:

The Sewing Retreat:
  • There are still spots available.  A2MQG should RSVP to Jenna by July 1st (TOMORROW).   If you are not a guild member and are interested in attending, there is also room on our waitlist.  
  • Debbie is going to get in touch with some members of the Cincinnati guild who had voiced interest.  
  • Deposits of $50 are due by July 17th.   They can be given to Jenna or mailed to the Hankerd Inn.  More information here. 
The Modern Quilt Guild is looking for ideas regarding ways for the "Mothership" to help the guilds.  One idea was to aid in creating by-laws that might lead to consistency across the guilds.   Another was to provide information on how to make guilds become Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Our guild discussed a desire to form some sort of by-laws by 2013.  Jen B is a lawyer and said she would help us draft the laws when we came to that point. 
T-Shirts:  Rossie is looking into obtaining screens for our screen-printing activity.  We discussed holding the print-a-thon at a member's home (Ann's?) on a date TBD.   Members will be asked to supply their own items to be printed (t-shirts, bags, etc...) and to share in the cost of the screens and ink.

New Business:

Michigan's Birmingham Quilt Guild has asked for a member to come speak to their group about the Modern Quilting movement and to do a trunk show in Spring 2014.  Since Debbie is already scheduled to perform a similar lecture for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilting Guild in January of 2014, and because she is knowledgeable and awesome, she was nominated to be our ambassador.

At the July meeting, various guild members will do book reviews about the many quilting publications they obtained at Quilt Market.

At the August meeting, Ginia (who is becoming an official quilt-appraiser) will host a lecture about what aspects of a quilt can increase it's value.

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  1. LOVE that Mondrian video, Jenna! Thanks for the kind words too :)


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