Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Round-Up Early June

WOOPS.  I meant to post this about twenty days ago.  Found it waiting happily in the drafts!

Emily made this gorgeous vintage sheet quilt!  

Also check-out the adorable shirts she's been making for her oldest daughter.

Debbie made this awesome block for the Desperate Housewife's quilt (and she posts a tutorial for how to make it yourself!)

Lynn is working on this stunning Paris Quilt...

and she made these low-volume bee blocks...

And check out the adorable knitted Pixie Hat she made for her youngest!

Kathy revealed her finished Post-Card Wedding Quilt!  Amazing.

And did you guys see Kathy's post about coloring fabric with crayons?! It's awesome.

I made this commissioned t-shirt quilt...  

And I've been doing some clothes refashioning.

Rossie made this stellar Conversation Bubbles quilt top... 

Ashley quilted and bound this Pascal's Triangle quilt-top she made a long time ago. So nice to finish a long-standing WIP! 

Ronit made this adorable bag...

and this awesome pillow cover...

And check out this lovely mini!

And also, let me take a second to congratulate Natalie on defending her dissertation!  Yay Dr. Greenleaf : )

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