Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meeting Minutes from 11/28/2012

Hello Everyone!

We had a very nice meeting this week talking about many super exciting and important fancy things!

Dorit's awesome "Drunk Temperance" quilt
Next Meeting's date is TBA - As scheduled it would be December 26th at 6:30pm at Maker Works.  Since that date might be a challenge for those going out of town for Christmas, Brenda is going to ask Maker Works if they have dates available the week preceding that. 

For the next meeting, please bring your Round Robin blocks if you feel like participating.  You can join in at anytime!  Bring an orphan block you might having around the house and it'll be folded into our ongoing, rotating "bee."

In these minutes I refer to emailing Brenda and Debbie.  Here are their emails:
  • Debbie: ehq <AT>
  • Brenda: justabitfrayed <AT>

Quilt Retreat: We are planning another quilt retreat at the Hankerd Inn for the weekend of January 4th. $135 for Friday - Sunday afternoon.  The cost includes a big brunch and a dinner.  Lots of rooms available and a nice space where you can quilt yourself stupid.  If you'd like to come on Thursday night, there is an additional $35 fee and an additional $12ish for dinner that night. A $50 check deposit should be sent to:
Hankerd Inn c/o Janet C. Rochefort
10350 Hankerd Road
Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272

QuiltCon: The deadline is … ahem… TOMORROW (11/30/2012)  at midnight CST time for submitting your quilts.   If you would still like to attend QuiltCon, feel free to contact Brenda since she may have space in her reserved hotel rooms for you!

Pink Castle Fabrics is getting close to securing a real brick-and-mortar space within the MakerWorks industrial village.  The guild is excited about having this possible location for future meetings, sew-ins, and classes.

The Quilt Sale happened in November!  Although sales for quilts were a bit lower than desired, a nice time was had by all.  There was a lot of discussion regarding what worked, what could've been improved upon, and what we might like to do in the future.  No definitive plans were made. 

Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Quilt Challenge: the mothership has announced that there will be a new Guild-wide challenge that will center around the fabric line Madrona Road.  More details will be posted by the MQG on December 1st.  We are listed to participate. 

Elections! Budgets! Becoming a Non-Profit! Dues!  
At the January meeting we will be electing board members and committee chairs.

Board Member positions:
President, Vice President/Programs, Vice President/Membership, Secretary/Webmaster, Treasurer

Committee Chair positions:
Retreats, Sales, Swaps/Round Robin, Inter-Guild Challenges, Field Trips

If you would like more information please email Debbie or Brenda. 

If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions, please email Debbie or Brenda.  Your name will be put on the ballot for the January meeting.  Deadline for declaring your interest is December 20th. 

Special note: If you are interested in becoming the Treasurer, you will be responsible for proposing a budget at the February meeting with a recommendation for our membership dues.  At the February meeting we will then vote on our membership dues.

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