Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, January 2022

 The January meeting was held via Zoom.  There were 22 members in attendance.

Membership:  Reminder that dues are past due at this point for 2022.  Kathy will be cutting off access to our FaceBook page and update our email lists effective tomorrow (January 24) for anyone who has not paid by that point.

Annual Meeting >

Bylaws Review:  A quick review of the bylaws was held as well as a quick tour of our website.

Treasurer's Report: Cheryl reported that we had almost $4500 income with a little over $5000 in expenses (contact the Board for an exact report).  This was expected as we had higher expenses with Zoom and spent a little more on charity quilts (materials like batting and some longarm quilting).

Retreat:  We are still having the annual retreat January 28th and since there are openings, if you find you are able to attend, let Tara know.  We currently have 8 people going with the ability to have 2 people to a room. We will have the same weekend next year so mark your calendars!

Swaps & Challenges:  Tara has agreed to be the Swap Chair in addition to her Retreat duties.  Let her know if you have any ideas.   The first challenge of 2022 will be a UFO swap.  This will be due at the March meeting and participants are eligible to have their name put in a drawing.  The idea is to find your oldest UFO and totally complete it (yes this means quilted and bound).

Library: reminder that books available are on the website and Kim will coordinate meeting you in the Ann Arbor area if you would like to borrow anything.

Programs: Cheryl is reaching out to possible teachers, hopefully something for Q1.

Charity: Jackie mentioned with our Covid restrictions charity participation has been way down. She plans on continuing coming up with new block ideas every three months for 2022. It was decided to have an in-person day at N.E.W. to assemble charity quilts. Deb Spring will be coordinating the event.  Kathy will reserve February 20th at the center and notify members.

MQG: Discussion was held on who is going to QuiltCon in February.  Reminder that our Community Outreach Quilt is there and we asked that attendees find it and take photos for our social media.  We also discussed the benefits of MQG membership including access to Omaha's BOM which is utilizing blocks accessible to members.

Show & Share:  Members shared photos of their works in progress and more completions from 2021.

Next Meeting: February 23, Zoom  (note that we will have a new Zoom login for this meeting for the new year)

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