Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, December 2021

Our December meeting was held via Zoom with 20 members in attendance.

December is typically our celebration meeting so in lieu of being able to have an in-person party, we had a recap of our accomplishments this year, a slide show of quilts members created this year, and played a quilt-y version of Codename which was put together by Lana.

  • Diversity and Inclusion statement created and posted on website
  • Around 10 new members
  • Virtual Sew-ins held most Tuesday evenings with one in-person to assemble the MQG Community Challenge quilt for QuiltCon
  • Many charity quilts (we also had a slide show of the quilts Jackie has received this year for our various charities)
  • Two outside speakers, Laura Hartrich and Cheryl Arkinson
  • One virtual class, Daisy Aschehoug
Swaps and Challenges:
    It was noted that we still need a Swap chair so let the Board know if you are interested.

Next Meeting via Zoom:  January 23, 2022

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