Monday, April 22, 2013

Updated! Meeting on Wednesday - 5 Points of Intersest

Update:  The map for Pink Castle has been updated below.  Also, just a reminder that some activites (like the fabric grab, winning the Madrona Road challenge, borrowing from the library) are only available to members.   You can participate at our Wednesday meeting as long as you touch base with Rossie first and fill out a form.    Thanks!

There will be an A2MQG meeting on Wednesday April 24 at 6:30pm.  There are five points below, please read them all.

1.  We will be meeting at PINK CASTLE FABRICS' new location:

3808 Plaza Dr., Ann Arbor

This location is very close to MarkerWorks.  
It's on the pond-side of the building

Please bring a chair if you have one!

2.  We'll be showcasing our Madorna Road Challenge quilts at this meeting.
  • Jenna and Kathy will bring quilt stands
  • Kourtney will bring curtain hangers to hold the quilts
  • Jenna will bring her camera 

3. We'll be doing a fabric grab.  Please bring any quilting fabrics from your stash that you no longer want/need.  These will be up for grabs at the meeting, and any left over will be taken by Lynn to donate to the fabric collection of her other quild for charity quilts.

4.  Please bring any quilting or sewing books you have that you would like to donate to our Guild Library.

5. We'll be doing our Round Robin so please bring your blocks!

Thanks everyone - hope to see you there!!

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  1. Is it possible to still come tonight if I haven't been before?



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