Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A2MQG Meeting Minutes March 2024

 Time Marches on!

The meeting was held at Maker Works with 21 members in person, 2 guests, and 3 members via Zoom.

Round Robin: participants shared their progress. Want to get involved? Bring a bag with fabric and some instructions (as specific or non-specific as you like!) and cut on in! It's never too late to join our Round Robin fun! Check our guidelines to see how it works!

 This month's challenge was to make a quilted nametag! You could use letters from fabric or any method you choose! What a turnout! They're adorable, aren't they?? 

We had some great charity finishes this month! Continue to get those charity quilts to Carol and peruse our collection of kits to take home and put together, or make your own!

Demonstration/Skill Share:
  We watched a nice video on improv quilting by Clara Stoikow! You can watch it here with your MQG membership! In April we will have a laser cutting demonstration!

Show and Share:  The Board would like to ask members to limit (if possible) the number of show and shares to no more than 2 quilts. We want to see your work! Don't forget to bring those finishes (and WIPs!) to show off to your quilty pals! Check out all our great shares on Instagram!!

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 24th at Maker Works! See you there!

Next month's swap: Orphan Block Swap! Got leftover blocks? A quilt you started and decided "nah?" Pile those cuties up and bring them to our April meeting and swap them with someone else! 

Bonus: Secret Mini Swap! Invites for the secret mini swap have gone out! We hope you sign up! Just sign up, bring some scraps of fabrics you like to the April meeting, and create a mini quilt your swap partner will love! The June meeting will hold the presentation of the swaps!! This event is a guild fav! 

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