Friday, December 8, 2023

A2MQG Meeting Minutes November 2023

The meeting was held at Maker Works with 16 members and 3 guests in person, and 6 members via Zoom.

Retreat: The retreat has 15 members signed up.  Tara will send out more information in January.

Dues: Reminder that annual dues are due now.  Please go to the link at the right and fill out the form and submit payment.  We will be cutting off access to emails and social media in January to those who have not renewed.

Round Robin participants shared their progress.

Skill Share: Sheryl R shared how she uses a Flynn Frame for quilting small quilts.

Swaps/Challenges:  Participants swapped postcards.

Charity: Reminder that we are asking for donations for homeless vets for the December meeting.  Continue to get those charity quilts to Carol.


  • We are working on programs for 2024.  The map making class will happen! Cheryl S will be scheduling it and we will be looking into other programs as well.
  • We have the opportunity to join another group who is hosing a Voltron, Irene Roderick class in April.  Sign-ups have gone out. (NOTE: This class is currently full, however we do have a waitlist in case of cancellations.)
  • It was suggested that we have a sew-in where members work on a similar pattern or project like a bag.  (NOTE: This has been scheduled for Sunday, December 17th at the Chelsea Library.  See your emails for the sign-up link.)
Show and Share:  The Board would like to ask members to limit (if possible) the number of show and shares to no more than 2 quilts.  We also are setting a challenge for the January meeting for anyone who has not shared a quilt in the last 6 months.  There will be a prize!

Breakout groups:  We will be trying something new at future meetings such that if members have questions on a particular technique or how a quilt was made that we will give time at the end of the meeting for breakout groups .  This will also be a good time for attendees to get more information on skill shares.

Sound and other acoustic issues:  The Board does recognize that some of the meetings have more background noise from the workshop than others.  We will be investigating some possible sound deadening measures (assuming Maker Works is okay with us doing so) as well as tweaking how we place seating for the meeting.  We also will be encouraging members to hang their show and share quilts around the meeting perimeter which hopefully will aid this as well.  We also have a good camera and microphone solution for Zoom participants (which was not available at this meeting) and will continue to work on ways to make the meeting enjoyable for all.

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 27th Maker Works.  This will be our annual holiday party.  Members are requested to bring snacks to share.  We will have show and share but the bulk of the meeting will be for socializing.

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