Sunday, October 8, 2023

A2MQG Meeting Minutes - September 2023

The meeting held at our new location at Maker Works in Ann Arbor was small but mighty with approximately 8 in person and 1 by Zoom.


  • We continued with our stash sale to support ongoing and future charity efforts.  We were able to make $235 at last month's sale and so plan on continuing this as long as members would like to purchase and contribute.
  • Carol has connected with Ozone House and they do want to continue receiving twin size quilts from us. She has 7 quilts she will donate to them this week.  We also have 8 quilts that will be delivered to the Veteran's Hospital and we will continue to look at other charitable organizations if we have quilts that do not fit these organizations' needs.  We are hoping that Food Gatherers will eventually hold their summer auction again so that we can donate our MQG Community quilts.  Some suggestions made by members included Ronald McDonald House.
  • The VA is also looking for donations of NEW physical items.  The members decided at the meeting that we would like to add collecting items to donate to the VA during our December holiday party so please start collecting/preparing for that.  Here is the list of suggested items:
    • Gift Cards: Grocery (Meijer, Walmart, Kroger ect.), Gas stations, Fast food.
    • New men’s T-Shirts all sizes
    • New men’s boxers/briefs—all sizes
    • Women’s underwear and sports bras (all sizes)
    • Snack Kits for Homeless Veterans:
      • Roll of Lifesavers (or other hard candy – non-melting)
      • Granola bar, etc.
      • Pre-wrapped plastic utensils
      • Ritz snack mix (cheddar) (or other trail mix, etc.)
      • Easy open can of tuna or canned meat.
      • 4-8 oz Water bottle
  • MQG Community Challenge Quilt – quilt "build" will be November 4th at Chelsea Library McKune Room, 10:30-1:30.

Retreat - time to plan and pay the first deposit.  January 25-28, Creative Passions.  Cost: $170, deposit of $85 due by October 15th, final payment due before Dec 15th.  Form has been sent by email - let the guild know if you need it resent to you.

Elections planning: Elections will be held at the October meeting.  Please let the Board know if you are interested in running.
  • President - resides over meetings, sets board meetings and agendas
  • VP Programs - plans and coordinates programs and classes, both virtual and in-person
  • VP Membership - keeps the MQG membership log up to date, meets and gives info to new members, coordinates guests attending meetings
  • Treasurer - does all the money things
  • Secretary - takes minutes, takes or coordinates someone else taking photos at meetings and classes, posts to the website and other social media
  • Charity chair (Carol has agreed to continue in this role) - coordinates making and delivering quilts to various charities
  • Retreat chair (Tara has agreed to continue in this role) - plans and coordinates the annual retreat
  • Swaps and challenges (Tara has agreed to continue in this role) - plans and coordinates swaps and challenges including those between other guilds
  • Library chair (open position) - holds the library books, updates the database, manages loans of books to members
  • MQG dues:  note that MQG dues for the guild are increasing by approximately $2 per member.
  • Guild dues: October is also the time to be paying your dues for 2024 - will be $45.  The Board has decided to have the same fee whether you pay by PayPal or by check. All members need to fill out a membership form (on the website - right top!) which will then give you the info for how to pay.
Maker Works Open House:
We gave a report on the MW Open House and thanks to Sheryl for pulling together an awesome display with very little notice.

Programs: Map Making class plans are still in the works.  We are trying to decide on a good location.
  • Next swap is the Postcard swap.  This will be due at the November meeting. This will be a blind swap - no partners are being assigned.
  • Round Robins

  • Show and Share

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 25th, Maker Works

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