Thursday, October 27, 2022

Meeting Minutes and Officer Election Results, October 2022

Officer Elections:

We had 28 out of 60 members voting (43%) unanimously for the following slate of officers.  These officers will assume their duties effective January 1, 2023.

President:  Kathy Koch
VP Programs: Cheryl Smallwood
VP Membership: Deb Spring
Treasurer: Amy Stevenson
Secretary: <open>

Committee Chairs:
Library: Kim Ulrich
Swaps/Challenges: Tara Parks
Retreats: Tara Parks
Charity: <open>
Secretarial committee (in lieu of electing a secretary): Kathy Koch will chair - looking for committee members

October Meeting Minutes:

There were 22 attendees at this meeting via Zoom.

The Guild was honored to host guest speaker, Carole Lyles Shaw.  Carole has been quilting for over 30 years and over that time has pondered the concept of "sustainability" in her quilting life.  She has seen too many times where a quilter is no longer able to quilt or passes on and then has a huge stash that friends and family need to deal with.  Carole has decided it is a much better way to live in the moment with our stash by only purchasing fabric that can be used immediately in a project.  She has stopped gathering fabric just because she loves it and instead tries to find other fabric in her stash that will do instead on any given project.  Carole gave the guild a lot to think about and offered some great tips on how to reduce, organize and repurpose our stash.  Thank you Carole for an inspiring presentation!

Other Business:

  • Sunday, October 30th - "Scrappy Appliqué" class by Nico Laudenberg.  There is still plenty of room in the class if you'd like to sign up.
  • Elections for the 2023 Board are being run online, will close voting Thursday at noon.
  • October is dues month.  Please go to the form link fill it out and then pay your dues ($40 by check, $42 by PayPal).
  • We have 3 openings for the January Retreat at Creative Passions. We have opened it up for family/friends of members so let the board know if you or a family member would like to attend. 
  • Postcard swap: sign-ups have been extended until Friday.  You should have a link in your email.  Tara will send out swap partners by the end of the day Friday. Postcards will be exchanged in person at the November meeting or you can mail them to your swap partner. 
  • Round Robin: will be starting up again at the November meeting.  See link at tabs above for more information.
  • Sew-Ins: A question was raised as to whether Tuesday evenings are no longer good for Zoom virtual sew-ins.  The Board let everyone know that we have plenty of availability to set up Zoom meetings on other days and times so just let us know if you'd like to start something on a different day.  The Board will discuss whether we want to go to a once a month or every other week schedule after the new year.
  • Monthly meetings:
    • November 30th - in person at N.E.W. (bring postcards, any finished fall or halloween quilts, round robin packets if you are interested in participating, any other show and share quilts or tops). Please remember to wear your mask.
    • December 21st (note this is a change of date from the 28th) - holiday party/gathering also at N.E.W.

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