Thursday, June 30, 2022

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, June 2022

 The June meeting was held at Ann Arbor's Southeast Area Park with 16 members and 2 guests in attendance.

Secretary/Webmaster:  Kathy presented results of the planning survey. 44 out of our 52 members responded to the survey (way to go Guild!). Summary of results indicate the Board's ideas regarding meeting planning are pretty much in line with the membership.  Most members felt that paying for speakers is a good use of guild funds and a majority felt that it might be acceptable, depending on the amount, to raise the annual dues in order to continue providing speakers.  In addition, about half the respondents would like us to continue to try to do a mix of zoom and in-person meetings when possible with only a few saying they preferred only zoom meetings and some saying they did not want zoom meetings at all.

Programs:  Reminder that we have the following speakers lined up for future meetings >

    [Correction on the following program dates]

Treasurer:  Our current fund balance is $1820.56 with a reminder that our dues year starts in October.

Charity:  Since most of our charitable giving sources have dried up, Jackie was able to donate to Faith in Action.  This organization was thrilled to get the quilts we had on hand.  We look forward to working with them but of course are also hopeful that our resources at Mott and Ozone House open back up.

  • MQG Community Outreach Quilt.  The members voted between designs submitted.  An email will go out to the membership asking for volunteers to piece, complete, quilt and bind.
  • QuiltCon is Feb 23-26 in Atlanta with registration for classes starting in a couple of months. See the full catalog online.
  • MQG has updated their website.  Brenda tested it and her existing login worked although it looked like some content was still in progress.
  • MQG will be hosting online sessions Oct 13-16.  Registration opens July 26th. Members should have received an email but if not, please visit the MQG website for more information.
  • Four members participated in the "Selfie" challenge.  The winners of the charm packs were Allison and Wendy.  Thank you all for participating.

  • Next month's SWAP will be a Smalls Swap.  If you would like to participate, please plan on making a "small" item to be yankee swapped.  Examples of smalls are: mug rugs, pin cushions, coffee cup cozies, zipper pouches, coin purses, etc.
Member Spotlight:  Tara shared with us three of her quilts.  It was fun seeing and sharing her makes.

Skill Share:  Kathy gave a short presentation on collage quilting. She and other members shared their insights on some good designers, books and classes on the technique.

Show and Share:  Look at all the wonderful makes our members have created!

Makers and their quilts from left to right:  Row 1/2: Deb; Row 1: Sheryl, Ida, Nico;  Row 2: Pam, Ida, Nico; Row 3: Nico, Deb, Ida; Row 3/4: Allison; Row 4: Allison & Amy, Brenda, Brenda.

Next meeting will be in person, Wednesday, July 27, at this same park.  Brenda will check into park availability but we may decide not to pay to reserve the pavilion.  If it is not available, Tara has a couple of pop-up tents and we can set up on the asphalt or grass.  Members should bring a chair in case we don't have the pavilion.

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