Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes

NOTE: The February 24th meeting was rescheduled to this date due to inclement weather.

Old Business:

  • Sew-ins / One day retreats - still looking into joining the ongoing open sews at Quilting Season and looking into locations for a one day retreat
  • Membership
    • Members would like to see an updated roster - asking that Jackie sends something out to registered guild members
    • It was also requested that we post a listing of membership and emails on our private Facebook page, however the Board felt that was not appropriate. 
    • To meet both of these requests, Jackie will create a pdf with just name/email and email it to paid members.  If anyone does not wish their name to appear on the list, let Jackie know.

New Business:

  • Kathy will be putting a post on the private Facebook page reminding anyone who has not paid their dues for this year that they will be removed from the page by the next meeting.  If you do get removed and feel this is error, let Jackie know.
  • The Board announced a change in the dues structure. Instead of a tiered structure that changes every month, the dues will continue to be $35 up until June at which point they will drop to $20. Non-members may still attend one meeting free and if they choose not to join, pay $5 a meeting for subsequent meetings. 
  • The Road to California group is having a modern quilt show called "Modern Quilts - Redesigning Tradition". Entries must be received between May 1-Jun 15. The quilts cannot have been shown at QuiltCon 2016.  See more information here:
  • For the May Guild Challenge, Giedra has put together a challenge and show sponsored by Zingerman's Deli and Pink Castle Fabrics.  Anne offered to help with hanging options since her company put together something similar. See previous blog post for more information.
  • Jackson Pieces and Patches Guild has asked if they can come to our next meeting and promote their quilt show and sell raffle tickets. Membership approved this.
  •  Jackie has the photos from last year's Pie Making Day Challenge. She will be putting together a survey for members to vote.
  •  Library Report (Kim U.) - Kim highlighted 3 books for the group
  • Member Spotlight
    • Giedra announced that we are changing the spotlight just a tad. For now Giedra will interview the participant instead of pre-written replies. Also, we will try to limit the number of quilts to 5-6 that the participant really wants to share.
    • Tonight's spotlight was Jess Werner (@craftallthethings)

  • Swaps and Challenges (Emily & Melissa) 
    • February Challenge "Inspired by QuiltCon"
      • There were six participants. Rossie provided prizes from QuiltCon.
      • The winner : Giedra (#5)

    • March Swap: "Favorite Tool"
      • Purchase a copy of your favorite tool ($10 and under)
      • Bring it wrapped to the next meeting
      • Yankee swap will ensue
    • Future ideas for swaps & challenges
      • secret stalker swap
      • for April a recycle/upcycle challenge, earth-day-ish, make something unconventional
      • crayon challenge using 2 colors
      • everyone makes the same block
      • curves
      • theme night show and tell
  • Round Robin (Emily/Melissa)
    • Started back up this month. Let the chair's know if you want to jump in.
  •  Other business
    • Skill School : Giedra gave a demo of Piec-lique circles
    • Show and Share
    • Completed charity quilts were shared.
    • Amy Stevenson brought her die cutter for use after the meeting.

 Respectfully submitted,  
Kathy Koch

(Please let me know if you notice any errors or omissions. --kk)

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