Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Round-Up - Early August 2013

Thanks for your patience with this round-up, readers!  Let's see what's been going on this month:

Amy finished her Lotta Jansdotter quilt - love those colors! 

Debbie has been busy as always!  Did you guys catch this log cabin project she finished a couple of weeks ago?

And she's been productive at the Great Ann Arbor Quilt Guild's Quilting Unlimited workshop!  She taught her bias-tape applique technique, and also took a class on abstract mini quilts (using fusible interfacing).  So cool!

Rossie has posted a book review of "Geared for Guys."  A really cool conversation is ignited regarding gender roles and continued in the comments - go check it out.

Welcome to our new member Sarah!  She blogs at (LURVE that name!) and makes all sorts of fabulous things, including this amazing quilted bag!

Look at this lovely Swoon quilt Pam finished for her nephew!  It's beautiful! 

Ronit made this vibrant blanket using her own experimental process!

And have you guys seen that Kathy's updated her site for her long-arm business?  Check it out - you can now use Pink CAstle Fabrics as a place to drop-off and pick-up your projects for quilting!

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