Sunday, January 8, 2012

Retreat Recap

The first Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild retreat has come and gone!  Eleven of us (eight from AAMQG and three modern quilters from Canada) had a great time sewing and sewing and sewing some more.

We went to the Hankerd Inn just west of Chelsea, MI.  It is a lovely facility with wonderfully spacious rooms, a great sewing space and yummy meals provided.

(l to r)  Ann, Sylvia, Anna, Brenda, Tong
Here we all are in action: (except Ashley, sorry Ashley, I missed getting you in a photo somehow)

Sylvia, Rossie, and Ronit

Ronit, Jen, and Tong

Lynn and Ann


  1. So much fun! Thanks for posting!

  2. Cool!!!
    The Front Range (CO) MQG is having our first retreat the end of February. What all did you guys do? Just sew? Did you have any giveaways? Did you have anything for a service project, like fabric to make pillow cases, or anything, that people could do if they needed to walk away from that dadgum tension issue? Did you (or the facility) provide snacks?
    I'm just trying to get a feel for what we need to do.
    Thanks! And I'm glad you all had fun!


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