Saturday, August 27, 2022

David Owen Hastings - "Minimal Design, Maximum Impact", Wed Aug 31st

Guest tickets* are available for the David Owen Hastings Zoom lecture at our guild meeting on Wednesday, August 31st.

Meeting starts at 6:30pm but attendees can gather earlier anytime after 6pm.  There will be a waiting room prior to the meeting.  Tickets are $10 for this one time event.  

We are no longer accepting requests for guest tickets.  Thank you for your interest!

David states: "This talk ties directly into my Modern Abstract Quilts workshop, giving an overview of my process for coming up with simple graphic quilt designs, starting with stitched paper models (called maquettes). I show examples of how to translate an architectural photo into a quilt design, and have many samples of mini quilts I created using this process. The techniques I present are also great for making unique modern quilt block designs. I also talk about walking foot quilting and how to break free from stitch in the ditch."

* This lecture is free to Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild members.

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