Wednesday, May 26, 2021


A2MQG Meeting Minutes, May 2021  

The Guild is now meeting via Zoom. If you are not receiving Zoom meeting invites as a member, or if you would like to become a member, please contact the Board. Note that guests may attend one free meeting, plus additional meetings for a fee. Contact us for more information. 

19 members were in attendance.

  • Programs: Dorie presented some potential ideas for programs for the rest of the year. These include:
    • September - having an in-person, outdoor meeting at a pavilion in Ann Arbor.
      • Q: Why not sooner since Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted for outdoor use on June 1st and completely on July 1st?  A: The Board feels that we want to take moving back to normal at a slower pace.  In addition, we are dealing with the requirements for the N.E.W. building which is still requiring masks for all hallways although they have announced no masking required in the meeting rooms, we feel it might be too soon to make this leap for the Guild.
      • Q: Can we consider still having a remote component to meetings once we do go back to in-person (e.g., a zoom meeting focused on the speaker)? A: This will be considered by the Board.
    • July - Dorie is investigating having guest speaker, Laura Hartrich speak on "Quilt Labels".  The Guild will cover the cost of this event.
    • November - one of the following options with Cheryl Arkison. A poll was taken on the following with 50% of the respondents saying they want the lecture, 37.5% the Slabs, and 12.5% the Improv Applique class.  Discussion was held on why not have both the lecture and one of the classes so Dorie will investigate that option as well.
      • Lecture at the November regular meeting on "What is your Quilt Love Language?" (Q: How long would the lecture be? A: Dorie estimates it would be an hour.)

      • 1/2 day Zoom weekend class, cost of $20 per member attending
        • Improve Applique ...or...
        • Slabs 
  • Treasurer: Cheryl discussed our finances and how the above programming would play into our current funds and discussions the Board has had to be responsible but use the funds to the best benefit for the membership.  We have a healthy balance now of $3400 and the Board feels that we should maintain a working cushion of at least $1800, so we have plenty to do all of the above events.
  • Retreats and Sew-Ins:
    • Reminders that our retreat will be at Creative Passions, Chesaning, January 28-30, 2022. Sign-ups will start around the August/September timeframe.  We have a new member, Laura Greenfelder who is the owner of Creative Passions (Welcome Laura!).  Tara will see if she would be willing to speak for a few minutes at our next meeting.
  • Charity Quilts: 
    • Still working on this quarter's charity block - the Wonky Star block (tutorial by berrybarndesigns). While you can do the block at 12.5", any size blocks are fine. Please make a many blocks as you like. You can mail them to Jackie or drop off at Jackie or Brenda's.  
    • MQG Community Outreach Quilt: the theme is "Angles" and color palette (below) was shared. There was discussion and ideas and as usual, we would need a chairperson for the project. Interested members should contact the Board.   
      • The rules are:  "Feel free to add prints and other solids, as long as they match the color palette.Use at least two of the colors in this fun citrus-inspired palette and let your imaginations run wild! Look at the MQG link above to see coordinating solids from some of MQG's sponsors."
  • Swaps and Challenges:  
    • Members shared their pincushions from the last swap.  Here are just a few that were shared on our Facebook page:
    • Next "challenge" is the Color Challenge.  Sign-ups will go out this week.  Participants will be randomly given a color palette from Design Seeds and will need to have a completed "make" by the August meeting.  The quilt-y item can be anything and any size but must use all the colors on the palette.  Those sharing a finished item will be eligible for a prize drawing.
  • Show and Share
Next meeting: Wednesday, June 30.

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