Saturday, January 30, 2021

A2MQG Meeting Minutes, January 2021

Correction:  Note that the Retreats Chair was incorrect in the original notes and Tara has agreed to remain in this position.  Apologies and thanks to Tara!

19 participants. The Guild is now meeting via Zoom.  If you are not receiving Zoom meeting invites as a member or if you would like to become a member, please contact the Board.
  • New 2021 Officers:
    • President: Brenda Rowley-Gray 
    • VP Programs: Dorie Blaisdell
    • VP Membership: Amy Stevenson
    • Treasurer: Cheryl Smallwood
    • Secretary/Webmaster: Kathy Koch

  • Volunteer Chair Positions:
    • Library: Kim Ulrich
    • Charity: Jackie Mills
    • Swaps: Maggie Wilkin
    • Retreats: TBD Tara Parks

  • The Guild presented outgoing President, Maggie Wilkin with a group-created quilt to show our appreciation for her years of service:

  • Membership:
    • We have 56 members as of this meeting
    • Reminder that $12 of our dues goes towards the Modern Quilt Guild and the MQG site has many resources available.  If you are having trouble logging in, contact the board for assistance.
    • We have two new members: welcome Audra and Judy!
    • We have had requests for a membership directory.  Kathy will work with Amy on this.  It was noted that since members haven't necessarily filled out a membership form in a while, we will probably be polling members to ask if they are okay with their names and emails appearing in a directory.
  • Programs
    • Class by Daisy Aschehoug - will be April 17th at 9am. Cost will be $40 for members. Details and sign-ups will be going out soon.
    • Also on the MQG site are webinars. Dorie tried to get one to play but there appear to be limitations on Zoom audio.  There seemed to be positive feedback on this as a regular feature so she will try again next month. 
    • Dorie is working on member spotlights and we will be trying to get tie-ins between our major efforts - so Kathy will be trying to also get volunteers to show off projects or quilts.  If we can link them with our ongoing charity or programs that would be great but not required!  Let Dorie or Kathy know if you'd like to be 'spotlighted'.
  • Charity:
    • We will be doing quarterly instead of monthly charity projects. This quarter's is the "Improv Quarter Log Cabin".  See:  A Quilter's Tale tutorial for details on making this block.  Jackie is suggesting using jewel tones but anything in your stash will do.

      May be an image of food

    • We will also be looking into making one or more Tuesday sew-in's dedicated to charity block sewing (although as always, that is optional and you can still attend and do your own thing).
    • QuiltCon Charity Quilt has been finished/quilted by Christina.  It has been decided to just send it to Ozone House (since it is a twin and bright colors). Cheryl will be taking care of that.
  • Sew-Ins:
    • We have had two virtual sew-ins. The first one had 4 attendees and the second had 10.  It was a fun evening even if you didn't sew.
    • The Board has decided to try setting them up for every Tuesday with open guild access.  Since not all board members can attend every week, we will have to see if it goes okay without having coordination.
    • The Board now has a Zoom account of our own, so let the Board know if you have a small group you'd like to set up on another day of the week.

  • Question of the meeting: "How many projects did you work on this last year? How many did you finish?"

  • Treasurers Report:
    • Funds are looking good - basically on track with previous years. We obviously will continue to adjust as needed given no onsite meetings - maybe put some more money into virtual programs and small prizes for swaps.
  • Swaps:
    • As with most of our other efforts, swaps will be going quarterly instead of monthly this year.
      • February:  UFO Challenge (finish and show off one of your "UnFinished Objects".  Please have a photo of before and after.  A cool idea is to repurpose something (e.g., take a quilt top and make it into a bag).  There will be a random winner drawn from participants and a small prize.
      •  May: Pincushion Swap.  This will be done a little differently - instead of a yankee swap, participants will be given a swap partner to exchange with.
      • August: Color Challenge - participants will be given a color and have to make something quilty from it
      • November: Postcard Swap
  • Round Robin:  RR is on hold. Please contact Maggie if you have someone's round robin quilt or you are missing yours.
  • Library Update: 
    • Kim would like us to share book ideas.  Cheryl recommended: Barbara Brackman's "Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns".
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion Statement:
    • The Board is working on a statement and possible future efforts that can be done to support such a statement.  Brenda Rowley Gray is looking for volunteers to serve on a committee with her.  Contact her or the board if you'd like to assist with this.
  • Show and Share:
    • It was recommended that prior to the meeting(s), members send in a photo of what they want to share as it will be easier to show via Zoom.
  • Discussion:
    • It was recommended to the board that minutes go out for meetings (will be done)
    • It was also recommended that we maintain the same link for meetings (e.g., same link for all Tuesday sew-ins).  (Kathy will investigate)

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