Monday, November 2, 2015

October Meeting Minutes

Old Business:

  • Membership
    • Check your email for information on how to pay your membership. 
  • QuiltCon
    • Submission deadline for quilts is November 30th!
New Business:
  • A2MQG Quilt Show
    • Amy Stevenson brought up the idea of a potential quilt show in the future. We're looking for someone who would want to be in charge of this event, a potential location, and a date. Email Debbie if you're interested!
  • Board Members
    • We will have positions to fill in 2016. If you're interested in ANY position, please let us know! 
    • We are also in need of a new swap chair. If you're interested, talk to Dorie about what the position entails.
  • Exciting library news! Our books from Lucky Spool came and there are some GREAT ones! To check one of these out from the library, you are required to leave an Amazon review about the book. Be sure to share on social media as well. 
Skill School: Ginia 
  • Ginia gave an incredible and information-filled presentation on how quilts are judged in shows. Some tips she gave are to check previous winners in the category before submitting, making sure your quilting looks professional and your quilt is able to hang flat, and take time to read and consider the judge's comments. 
    • Regarding the constructive criticism, Rossie provided additional advice--"Protect yourself from people's bullshit." 
Member Spotlight: Dorie!
  • Dorie can be found on instagram @tumblingblocks or at her blog

Charity Quilt Challenge
  • lots of participation! Still deciding on a way to pick a prize winner.
Show and Share

DON'T FORGET!! Due to Thanksgiving, our November meeting will be held early on November 18th! Secret Stalker Swap Minis will be presented.

See you next month!

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  1. This event seems interesting. I love to participate in such events, and when last year Quilt challenge organized at event space NYC, there I won second prize. I am really excited to participate in such event soon with my sister.


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