Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tri-weekly round up for June 14, 2015!

Dorie made this lovely triangle quilt for the umbrella prints trimmings contests inspired by both Sherri Lynn Wood's and Lynn Harris's books.

Rossie has her Dance for Emily quilt on her blog, talking of Sherri Lynn Wood's book:

Rossie has also completed the top of this cute quilt she calls her Optimism quilt:

Debbie has finished a top, the Loosely Curved pattern from Angela Pingell's book:

Debbie has also been working on her item for the tiny piecing swap:

Pam L has been sharing some mini quilts on her blog:

Pam also has a neat tutorial on doing a square within a square block

Kathy S. has been working on this amazing city quilt:

Karen has made this clutch using a pattern from Anna Graham's new book, Handmade Style:

And I have been making clothes for children and more clothes for children.

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