Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Round Up for December 29, 2013!

I hope you are all preparing for an exciting New Year's Eve, and finishing up those 2013 projects so you can start something new in the new year!

Rossie has finished Ron the Half-Chevron Quilt top:

I really love this one!

Kathy has been screenprinting fabric to make into a bag! Can't wait to see this when it's finished, but here's the fabric - she added the blue over the already printed black.

This is a great example of how improvising can lead you to a richer outcome than you were initially contemplating...

Pam is showing off some gifts she made for others this season, she made a quilt, but I think I have to feature the University of Michigan themed stockings, right?:

Jenna's gone a bit crazy garment sewing with reindeer fabric. You really must see these!

Ann finished her Wild Geese quilt:

Debbie doesn't have time to sew. And I've been drawing... And that's it! Happy New Year's, everyone!

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