Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Round-Up 3/15/13

Amy blogs about her batik production from the past couple of months.  We loved seeing these skulls at the last meeting!

Jen B. is continuing her series on Quilting and the Law - this time focusing on Copyright and Patterns!

Debbie is kicking off her scrap-management quilt! 

Ginia is further developing her quilting plan for the Modern Lily project...

Pam has been cranking out the Bee Blocks...

... and she's been cooking up some more for Bee Vintage...

Rossie has a debriefing post about her hectic past couple of weeks.  Is anyone else SO EXCITED to see "The Nanny" quilt take-shape?

Dorie knit a sweater!  She's adorable. 

Anyone looking into joining Brenda at a Camp Stitchalot?  I'm going in August : )

Despite my lack of blogging, I've been quilting!  Too busy sewing to write, but I'll remedy that soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I'm already wasted!

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