Friday, November 18, 2011

Jumbo Weekly Round-Up!

Hello everyone!  As promised, here is out extra-large Weekly Round-Up covering the crafts produced by our wonderful guild members throughout the past two weeks...

Kathy has started a project featuring wonky trees and maybe a couple of wonky houses.  It looks amazing so far!

Also - did you know 11-11-11 was corduroy appreciation day?  Get it? Because 11-11 kind of looks like the wales on corduroy?  Anyway, Kathy celebrated by making this stunner out of the fabric-of-the-day!  I never considered corduroy for quilting before, but this is truly inspiring.

Ronit made a freakin' gorgeous Fall Scarf that I will steal at my first opportunity.

Anna is working on hand quilting her gorgeous double wedding ring quilt!  ACK can't wait to see.

I finished my Halloween quilt (right on time!):

And I made a Swoon pillow case for a little lady's bedroom:

Debbie is being quite sneaky, posting this collage preview of several super-secret projects she has in the works!

Natalie wrote a VERY interesting blog post linking to the "Threads of Feeling" exhibit at the London Foundling Hospital.  If you like history or ever feel sentimental about fabric, READ IT.

And let's all take a moment to wish "Safe travels!" to Paloma as she moves with her family to Argentina. We will miss you in Ann Arbor! 

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  1. Wow!! This is such a passionate and productive guild. Thanks so much for your good wishes, I'll miss you too :(


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