Monday, April 4, 2011

March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3-30-11

   •    Attendance – 15 including Monet from Boston Modern Quilt Guild

Modern Challenge 2
   •    Deadline is 3/31
   •    Possibly 2 entries from guild members
Cathedral Windows Class
   •    Thanks to everyone who helped
   •    Looked at Ginia and LeAnn’s projects
Guild Logos
   •    Rossie created (2) options
   •    “Tree” logo was voted the favorite
   •    Rossie will need names for the cards and will also give Brenda the files for online use.
Kona No Prints Allowed Challenge
   •    Robert Kaufman will give us a guest blog post for our challenge results
   •    Kona solids only
   •    Must use at least 30 of the charms/at least ½ of the charm piece
   •    Up to (3) additional Kona solids can be added
   •    Minimum of 120” outside perimeter
   •    Due date – June meeting
   •    Must be quilted and bound
   •    If not entirely your work, credit must be given
   •    Brenda will email or post the rules
   •    Everyone participating will donate $5 to prize kitty at April meeting
   •    Emily will work with that money and also contact quilt shops for prizes
   •    Rossi will contact a publisher about donating a prize
   •    Emily/Brenda will come up with prize categories
   •    Guild vote and judges vote
   •    Debbie will contact Modern Quilt Relish  to see if they will judge
   •    Lynn will photograph
   •    Ginia has a stand that can be used if people want to add sleeves
   Charm packs were distributed

   Next meeting Wednesday April 27 at 6:30
   •    Swap will be (3) fat quarters - wrapped
   Toronto MQG members 4/8
   •    Two visitors will be here
   •    Brenda is planning a shop hop and get together at her house
   •    Brenda will email/post all of the information
   Request for T-shirt quilt
   •    Received request on website
   •    Anyone interested can contact Brenda for her info
   •    Rossie suggested that Brenda could tell her to use the etsy Alchemy tool
   •    Debbie and Rossie have patterns coming out in 101 Patchwork Projects by Quilting Arts - April
   •    Debbie also has a quilt in the Paducah show
   Sew-In April 17
   •    No suggestions for theme
   •    Location needed
   •    Brenda will ask at Ann Arbor Sewing Center
   •    Kathy will ask at Quilting Season
   •    Could also be at Brenda’s house
   •    Brenda will email later with arrangements
   Multiple web sites/discussion areas
   •    Discussed how to streamline online presence
   •    Monet says her group struggles with the same issue
   •    Decided that using “webs” site for main page and flickr group for discussions sounds like the easiest solution right now
   •    Rossie will come up with instructions on how to add flickr to RSS feed for next meeting
   •    Brenda will create a Blogger blog for the group setup so that everyone can author

Bring & Brag

Yankee Rug Mug Swap


  1. Yay~ I'm glad you guys have a guild & a blog now, but will we get to see any photos of your meetings/projects?
    jess, NYC metro mod guild.

  2. Yes Jess! I'm sure we plan to add pics as well. :)


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