Monday, August 12, 2019

Meeting Minutes, July 2019

Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes
July 31, 2019

Munch and Mingle (6:00)
Meeting Begins (6:30)

  • Upcoming classes for 2019
    • Erin Harris - Build your own medallion class, Sept 14th - 6 hour class - cost member $75, non-members $85. Sign ups are open and we have about 8 people signed up so far. 
      • Enrollment will open to non-members mid-August.
    • April 2020 - Rossie Hutchinson - improv
    • Latifah Saafir has also been contacted for 2020. She has a lot of great class offerings. 
      • DAMqg will partner with us for the weekend event
      • Brenda will attempt to contact Latifah - sent a note mid-july proposing first weekend in October
    • Heather Givens replied to Brenda, seeing what she has to offer
      • No reply from Heather re: teaching in Ann Arbor - will look to others for teaching

  • Winter 2020 retreat - January 24-26 at Creative Passions in Chessening
    • Sign up will begin August/September as deposit is due in fall 

  • AUG - Sunday, Aug 18 
  • SEP - Saturday, Sep 14 - Erin Harris class
  • OCT - Sunday, Oct 13 - SEW TOGETHER
    • Might want to get the pattern and start thinking about supplies soon for the October Sew Together bag class.
  • NOV - Saturday, Nov 9
  • DEC - Sunday, Dec 8
**Sew-in room access is typically 9-6.  Please remember to bring extension cords as outlets are limited in the rooms.


  •  MQG Quilt Con charity - no current design
    • Given the timelines, the group decided to make a quilt for Grillin’ without submitting the piece for the national event.  This will give more time for the construction and finish to donate in late April/early May.
  • August charity block will again be  "Scrappy Summer" in bright colors
    • Thanks to all who donated blocks this month!  These will be combined with the June blocks for a quilt.
  • Quilt labels have been purchased and are probably in the blue bin at Pink Castle.
    • Discussion about the bin as no one is regularly going to pick up the bin before the meetings.  May need to have a volunteer schedule or determine another way to get materials prior to the meetings.
  • Several new quilts were donated for both Mott Children’s and the VA.  (Kim took the quilts for the VA this month).
  • The Gerald Ford Library has contacted Tara again about exhibiting our quilts November-December 2019.
    •  If you are interested in submitting a quilts, please let Tara Parks know by September 01.  Maximum size is 94x94 inches.12 quilts will be drawn randomly to be hung at the library. 

Quilt University 

Several members attended QU with the GAAQG.  The classes were well organized and the space at the Liberal Arts building at WCC provided good, individual work stations.  Some shared works they constructed in class (thanks Heidi, Ida, and Jackie!).    

MQG updates 

  • Quiltcon registration is open! Even if you don’t plan to go, Maggie recommends getting the free floor pass. If you decide later, you will be glad you did it. 
    • Austin Feb 20-23, featuring Victoria Findlay Wolfe
  • New Modern Monthly is out! Maggie really likes the block study and there is an article about making a weighted blanket  to check out. 
    • Jackie said Meijers on Ann Arbor-Saline road sells the plastic pellets.  She also recommends the weight be about 5% of body weight (10% seems too much).
  • You can access all of the resources under resources on the member dashboard as well.

Scrappy Icebreaker -  Members answered questions about favorite tools, start in quilting, other expert skills, etc.
Shared information
  • The Cameo Quilt Guild in Clawson sent information about their group to share.
Library Spotlight - The library list is available on the blog. Send note to Kim or via FB page with requested books and Kim will bring to meeting. 
Skill share - Maggie will repost list of possible shares.  Please add any other options to share at a meeting.
Round Robin 
  • great additions to all the quilts this month.  Remember you can join in at any time!  g
Swapenge  - 6 members participated in the mug rug swap
August - 2 color challenge. Make a quilt with only 2 colors, participants will be entered into a raffle. 
Show and Share

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Meeting Minutes, June 2019

Meeting Minutes, June 2019

We need to do a snack sign up! A paper was sent around at the last meeting and filled out.  But, the terrible secretary (me, Dorie) can't find it right now. Will keep looking

Classes & Retreats

  • Registration for Erin Harris' Make Your Own Medallion class on September 14th is open! Cost is $75 for members. Need a sign up link? Check Facebook.
  • Rossie will be teaching improv in April
  • Our next retreat is not until January at Creative Passions
  • Our June sew-in was popular
  • Our August sew-in is held for charity sewing, with the particular idea that it would be a good time to work on a QuiltCon quilt, if we plan on doing that.
  • We will be teaching ourselves / workshopping the Sew Together Bag at our October Sew-in
Skills School
  • Y'all have skills! Consider sharing them! Maggie is looking for skill school leaders.
  • We played a quilty version of "never have I ever".
  • Kim has library books for you if you want them!
  • Round Robin and Show and Share were awesome as usual.
  • Book swap happened.
  • Next month's swap is a mug rug. What is a mug rug? 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Meeting Minutes, May 2019

Quilt University is coming to Ann Arbor from the Greater Ann Arbor guild.  Neko shred some postcards with us - thanks!

Upcoming teachers

  • Was great! The new location in Tecumseh worked pretty well.
  • Pro: cute town, pleasant space, nice quilt shop
  • Con: Weird bathroom situation, snug workspaces
Charity sewing
  • Planning on doing charity sewing at the August sew-in.
  • Also kinda holding that date for working together on a charity quilt for quilt con.
  • We discussed ideas for the QuiltCon charity quilt. Heidi will lead and Rossie will help.
  • What was that message from MQG all about? Text quilts with a political message, including those from Chawne Kimber, and other makers of color were left out.
  • We could use some charity chair help.
    • Emily will take quilts to the VA
    • Rossie can help
  • Next month's charity block is Scrappy Pinwheels via this tutorial from Brenda. Use low volume and bright colors.
  • Our 2019 QC quilt will soon be up for auction at Grillin! Get the word out!
  • Webinars are available, including a bunch that are quilt con lectures
  • There is a new QuiltCon book club, and the current book is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Book share
  • Members shared modern quilt books they like:
    • Nicholas Bell: Quilts from the Attic
    • Double Wedding Ring Revisited: Victoria Findalay Wolfe
  • Round Robin
  • Pillow Swap, Yankee Style!
  • Poolside Tote Show-off
  • Show and Share

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Meeting Minutes, April 2019


  • The Giucy Giuce class was really fun.  Even those who has been to the same class at Glamp noted that he had extended the class, including more patterns. Members shared the Tiny Paper Piecing work they did in the class and after.
  • Erin Harris' class in planned for September, and we will start sign-ups in June
  • We're planning to have a class with our own Rossie Hutchinson next April
  • Brenda RG and Maggie are talking with other teachers for future dates. 
  • Spring retreat in 2 weeks  - all sold out
  • Our next retreat will be in January at Creative Passions
  • Results of the bag making poll indicate that we can do 2 bag making sew-in days.
    • Poolside Tote, Sunday, May 19th
    • Sew Together Bag, Sunday, October 13th
  • There was a real bumper crop of baby-sized charity quilts this week.  Good job!
  • This included 3 quilts that came from the 2x4 blocks generated by the guild the previous month.
From the Mothership:
  • We now have the Modern Monthly - a new, nicely styled online magazine from the MQG.
  • Hey, reminder that the webinars exists and that they're pretty cool. Some QuiltCon lecture content was posted recently.
  • We played a getting-to-know you game where we wrote down unusual facts about ourselves and then tried to guess who each was. (But we only did a handful!) It was fun and we'll do it again.
  • A different fun thing could be sharing (guessing?) a favorite designer or technique.
Featured Quilter
  • Erica Rothwell was our featured quilter. She has been a member for a year and a half and is a high school science teacher. She loves learning from guild. Erica showed off a tied quilt that looked super soft from her grandmother as well as several of her own creations.
Swaps & Challenges
  • Round Robins were swapped and shared
  • Art Spark challenge had good participation and cool quilts
  • For May, we have a quilted pillow Yankee Swap.  Making a pillow and bring it wrapped to guild to swap away.
  • Kim highlighted some library books that had good ideas for pillows.
Show and Share

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Meeting Minutes, March 2019


  • Giucy Giuce will be teaching a class at on Saturday, April 13th. There are seven spaces left!
  • Erin Harris will be teaching Make Your Own Medallion in September.  
  • Our own Rossie Hutchinson will teach in April 2020.

Retreats & Sew-ins
  • Our Spring retreat will be May 3-5.  It is currently full with one person on the waiting list.
  • Next retreat will be in January 2020 at Creative Passions.
  • There will be no April sew-in.  The next sew-in is May 19th.
  • We again discussed the possibility of bag-making.  The next step will be a survey from Guild leadership. Sheryl shared some upholstery fabric, and she has more to share if people are interested.
  • Tentatively, we think the August sew-in will be a good time to work together on the charity quilt for Quiltcon. (The theme and colors have not yet been announced.)
  • Our quilts came back from the Ford Museum.  Tara distributed them and we all shared them, because why not? We love seeing quilts.
  • We had 40 2x4 blocks for 2 charity quilts for Mott! 
  • For the April meeting, we're doing 2x4 blocks again, this time in blues and greens for the VA.  See Film in the Fridge's instructions here:
  • The 2019 MQG Riley Blake Challenge is on. If you request fabric from MQG and it was sent to guild, please contact Jackie Mills, she has it.
  • Want a book from the library? Let Kim Ulrich know via Facebook. (Just post in the Ann Arbor MQG group if you're not friends.)
  • Rossie was the featured quilter and she showed off many beautiful tops, including her second quilt ever.
  • Round Robin swapped - there are now 10 people participating.
  • Brenda has shared the challenge and swaps schedule for the year.
  • The April challenge is Art Spark.  Create a quilt (any size) based on or inspired by a work of art.  This is not a swap - just bring it in to share.  There will be a raffle with a prize.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Guild Meeting Minutes, February 27th, 2019


  • Giucy Giuce will be teaching a class at on Saturday, April 13th. There is still room! Sign up before Friday when we open to the general public. 
  • Erin Harris will be teaching Make Your Own Medallion in September.  Registration is not yet open. Kathy will look into getting books wholesale. 
Kathy taught a paper piecing class and it went well. Laura and Tara showed their project from the class.  There were eight people in the class.

What are people interested in learning about? Share with Maggie and the board!

  • Our Spring retreat in May is full.
  • Next retreat will be in January 2020.
  • March 9th retreat only had one sign-up. (But now has 3.  This sew-in is ON.)
Bag Making
  • We're reviving and old thread about bag making.
  • We're thinking of doing 3 different patterns at 3 different sew-ins, starting with beginner and working up.
  • Maggie will be posting some pattern choices for voting on Facebook.
  • Our show at the Gerald Ford is finally coming to an end after being delayed by the government shutdown.
  • Maggie's sister's early childhood class got to take a trip to see the quilts.
  • QuiltCon was enjoyed by the approx. 10 members that went.
  • Our charity quilt is back already. Rossie proposed a sew day to add handwork to the circles in the quilt.
  • Debbie taught, Jude volunteered, the rest of us took classes, saw the show, and ate too much.
  • Kim brought quilt tops and back ripe for quilting.  There are a bunch of these.  Let's get them done!
  • The idea of doing more quilts to auction was shared.  While our black-based charity quilts are great for getting quilts done, it could be fun to explore more design-focused quilts.
  • For the March meeting, the charity block is the 2x4 quilt.  See Film in the Fridge's instructions here: Use bright colors, with one light and one dark of the same color.
  • We have a full color digital library!
  • Check with Kim ahead of time if you want to take something out at a meeting.
  • We're cleaning out the library.  Books that haven't gotten circulation will be brought to a meeting and then donated if no one wants them.
  • Cheryl demonstrated board basting.
  • The technique was based on one pioneered by Sharon Schamber.
Giedra was the member spotlight. Next time it will be Rossie.

  • The 2019 Swap list is ready and will be posted soon.
  • March's swap is a block lottery.  Bring a 12x12 Ohio star block. (pattern)
  • Think about a piece of art to use for the Art Spark challenge in April.
  • Sheryl is looking for a group to do a groups quilt to enter in the Toledo Kaleidoscope of Quilts show.
  • We did a pouch swap.
  • Round round was spun round 

    Show and share was amazing as always.

    Monday, February 18, 2019

    January meeting (held February 6, 2019)

    The January meeting was postponed until February 6th due to inclement weather.  February meeting will still be Feb. 27.

    • Sunday, February 10, Kathy will give a paper piecing class at NEW.  There are currently 8 members signed up.
    • Saturday, April 13, Guicy Guice class and trunk show: The trunk show will be held at Pink Castle Fabrics in the morning and will be free to all guild members.  The class will be in the afternoon at NEW and is limited to 20 members (see email or FB for signup information).
    • Saturday, September 14, Erin Harris will give her medallion class.  Sign-up information will follow later in the year.  Note that this will be a 6-hour class and will have prep work required since Erin usually teaches this in a two-day class.  You will also need to purchase her book, "Make Your Own Medallion".
    • 2020 classes are in the works.  Some brainstormed ideas include Heather Jones or our own Rossie for an improv class.  Let Brenda RG know if you have other ideas. 
    • This is also the year for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild's "Quilt University"  See their website for more information:
    • Spring Retreat is set for May 3-5.  The event is full, but you can still get your name on the waitlist in case anyone drops out.  This retreat will be held in Tecumseh at Artistry on Evans.
    • Next year we will be going back to a January (winter) retreat.  We have reserved Creative Passions for the weekend of January 24th. 
    • Mar 9 - May 19 - Jun 8 - Jul 14 - Aug 18 - Oct 13 - Nov 9 - Dec 8
    • The board has ascertained that we can't carry over unused meeting days from month to month with NEW, but the board still plans on cancelling any sew-ins that do not have three members signed up by the monthly meeting date prior (e.g., for March 9 sew-in, we need at least three members signed up by Feb. 27 and currently as of this writing, there is just one).
    • It was suggested that we post who is attending (signed-up) for each sew-in.  The concern seems to be less 'who' and more 'how many' so that someone isn't going to make the event be cancelled for everyone else.  Our incoming Secretary will look into that. 
    • Members were reminded that the sign-up form is available off the FB group page (there is a linked topic "Sew-Ins" as well as in an email that went out earlier this year.  Contact the board if you need more information.
    • QuiltCon quilt has been mailed.  A snapshot of our quilt was one of six featured on the MQG monthly newsletter. 
    • Members took advantage of our winter shut-in and completed 30 plus blocks!  This is enough for a twin quilt for Ozone.  Jackie M volunteered to put the blocks together.  
    • Next month's block will continue the Plus theme but the color scheme will be low volume background with a bright color plus.
    Treasurer:  a budget and report was presented.  We are doing well.

    MQG: we have 8 or more members attending QuiltCon.  It was suggested that everyone does a meet up when there (possibly use an app called "Group Me" to coordinate).  The block of the month is "X Canvas" and there is a webinar on how to design quilts using different electronic tools.

    The guild reviewed the bylaws by playing 'bylaw bingo'.

    Elections for new officers were held. The results are:
    • President: Maggie Wilkin
    • Vice-President Membership: Jackie Mills
    • Vice-President Programs: Brenda Rowley-Gray
    • Treasurer: Cheryl Smallwood
    • Secretary/Webmaster: Dorie Schwarz
    Library Spotlight:  Kim U has created a digital catalog for our library collection.  Checked out books will be done on her app (so no more library checkout cards).  She will make a pdf that can be posted on the website.  In addition, she would like recommendations for books we should weed out from the collection.

    Monthly Features:
    • Member Spotlight: Katie Baker
    • Swaps: there was a FQ swap;  next month's will be a zipper pouch
    • Round Robin

    Thursday, January 24, 2019

    December 19, 2019

    The December meeting was our holiday party.  Thank you to our awesome party planner (Jackie M) for our wonderful hot chocolate bar and games galore. We had sew much fun. 

    Reminder of the normal things going on:

    Classes:  We still are planning for our Guicy class in April.  Remember that Kathy K is teaching a paper piecing class at the February sew-in.  See our FB page or contact the guild for the sign up link.

    Charity:  Our new Charity Chair will be Kim Nace.  Kim has lots of interesting blocks planned for you for the new year.  January's block is a Plus block from Kelly Sews.  Please use either a low volume or black background as we will use these for our Ozone group.

    Elections:  January meeting will be elections and our bylaw bingo game so brush up on your bylaws (link is in top menu).

    QuiltCon Charity Quilt:  Much progress is being made on the quilt.  The shipping deadline is February so we are on or ahead of schedule.

    MQG Quilt Show:  Some discussion was held on quilts accepted or not accepted to the MQG show. Maggie shared that there were 1700 applications and they accepted 400 for the show.

    Skill School:  Maggie has a spreadsheet for skill school ideas.  She has lots of ideas but not necessarily people offering to teach.  If you have a skill you can present at guild - typically just a 10 minute presentation, please let her know.